Issele-Azagba Man Rapes 15 Years Old Girl, Threatens Victim’s Parents With Gun




An alleged serial rapist posing as Member of the Anti Cult Group in Issele-Azagba village of Aniocha North LGA, Delta State, identified as Tony Ukwamedua has allegedly raped a 15 year old SS1 girl (name withheld) at a popular Guest House in town, named Civic Centre.


It was gathered that the victim had gone to look for her brothers who went to buy something for the house around 9pm only to be missing and later found in her pool of blood around 1am the next morning.


On disclosing to her parents what happened to her, the father immediately rushed out to the suspect’s house who happened to be an in-law to them and called uncle by the children, but he was instead, chased by the suspect with a gun.


It was gathered that the two sons of the man who were coming after their father, held the embattled rapist, wrestled him down and collected the gun while he managed to escape.


From the brief taken by the Delta State Child’s Rights Implementation Committee at the Sexual Assault Referral Centre in Asaba Specialist Hospital where the victim was admitted while still bleeding two days after, the medical report confirmed multiple bruises within the vagina region.


According to the girl, “I went to look for my brothers when uncle Tony met me and asked where I was going. I told him I was looking for my brothers who came out to buy something. He asked me to join him on his bike to trace them further. I know him and he was carrying gun, and so I joined him.


“Instead of going up small, he drove straight to the brother’s guest house around the market. I told him uncle this is not where you should bring me, allow me to go, my parents must be looking for me too.


“Nobody was sighted around when he brought me inside the guest house and was asking me if I was a virgin. I told him yes. He said I should not worry that he wants to have sex with me, that he would use two condoms together to penetrate well.


“I was crying and begging him to allow me go. He now turned my hands back and pushed me on the bed. He covered my mouth and forced me naked and started raping me.


“When he finished, I was bleeding and crying, he now brought water and asked me to wash up. He forced N5000 into my hands and asked me not to tell anybody. When I managed to get home, I told my daddy what uncle Tony did”, the victim narrated.


The Victim’s father known as Mr. Ngozi Johnbest Okolie, said in that rage after the daughter had told him what happened, he now left angrily to trace Tony to the house.


Explaining further, he said, “The rapist who has no remorse was bold to chase me with gun. Thank God for my two sons who were coming after me, they held him down, collected the gun and he escaped while being beaten.


“I took the gun to our Palace and handed it over to the Obi of Issele-Azagba. Early that morning, not knowing what to do, I was directed to take my daughter to a private clinic around for treatment. She was given injection, drip and some drugs. But throughout that day and the next morning, she was still bleeding before somebody directed me to bring her to this SARC unit in Asaba Specialist Hospital where government handles cases of sexual assault.


“I thank God that we came here, since morning it has been one medical examination and the other. We received the best of cooperation. The Child’s Rights Committee people assured me that the government will handle everything regarding her comprehensive tests and treatments.


“I want this animal in human nature to pay for what he did to my innocent daughter. I have nobody, I am just a poor farmer struggling to take care of my children. I need justice for this little child Tony has just destroyed her life”, insisted Mr. Johnbest.


In a telephone conversation, the Chairman of Delta State Child’s Rights Implementation Committee, Mrs. Kevwe Agas confirmed the incident, saying that proper medical, legal and security documentations would be made to prosecute the case.


She affirmed that justice must definitely be served to act as deterrent to irresponsible men who prey on the vulnerability of the Girl Child to defile or rape her.


“The government under Senator Ifeanyi Okowa will not fold its arms and watch perpetrators of sexual violence offences go scot free. That is why the State passed the Child’s Rights Law and its being fully implemented under this government. This is evil and it must be treated as evil with full consequences of the law”, Agas added.

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist

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