2023: Macaulay, Omoyibo, Okathe Drums Support For SDP’s HOR, Assembly Candidates In Isoko

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Director General Warri Uvwie and Environs Special Area Development Agency, Comrade Ovuzorie Macaulay, Engr. Chief Daniel Omoyibo and Hon. Alex Abriku Okathe has declared support for SDP’s HOR, Assembly Candidates In Isoko, expressing optimism that the candidates will emerge winners in the forthcoming general elections


Comrade Ovuzorie Macaulay who hosted the major political pressure groups in isoko nation in his country home in Otor-Owhe recently stated that if the House of Representative ticket in PDP has gone to Isoko South during the party’s primaries as expected, he would have supported the party to deliver its five candidates in the forthcoming general elections.


Ovuzorie Macaulay in his address said “all of us here are PDP people but this is not the time of I am a PDP member in Isoko Nation because PDP in Isoko has played with us, it has played with isoko nation. At the party’s primaries, some people set themselves as gods and did everything wrongly. One person cannot trade with Isoko Nation. In politics, you consult, you meet with all the leaders, elders and brainstorm. From the time of UPN in 1978 to SDP and now PDP that is the kind of politics we played.


According to the Okiroro of Isoko Nation, “if the House of Representative ticket in PDP has gone quietly to Isoko South, we will not be fighting this war now because it is their turn, Isoko North has held that position for 20 years now, opportunity should be given to Isoko South too. The fight in Isoko Nation today is because one man said that he has done and will do it all. You have eaten for 20 years; you say no other person should eat after you.


Continuing he said, “right now, no one will trade with Isoko Nation after consultations and deliberations with all candidates, the people who have the interest of Isoko Nation at heart will be chosen and we will inform you all but for today it is three over five for PDP, the power is in your hands. Tell your parents, brothers, sisters, spouses, children to pick their PVC’s from INEC offices as new batches just arrived. It is one man, one vote. Your vote must count as there will be no box snatching. Also tell them that for House of Representative, House of Assembly, they should vote SDP candidates, Hon. Fineboy Dickson Ebegbare, Hon Onajega David Okumagba, Hon. Lucky Othuke Edovie, Hon. Lucky Idhoveh. All Isoko vote must go to SDP and when they win, we will bring them to PDP if it pleases God.”


Earlier in his address, CEO of Dantinajo Gold Resort Limited, Engr. Chief Daniel Omoyibo extolled Comrade Ovuzorie Macaulay as a leader worthy of the title, the Okiroro of Isoko Nation “the attack on Macaulay since the war for fairness and equity began has been fierce but he has maintained his stand. It hurts to know that the same people fighting him, after his blood are people he picked from the gutters and made to sit on kingly thrones. But I Danmotech come sun, rain I will stand with him. Every way and means that I can assist him, I will render it wholeheartedly. I will make sure that nobody drags him or his name through the mud in Nigeria, Delta State or Isoko Nation.


Chief Omoyibo, the Omoghagha 1 of Oleh and Isoko Nation said that Macaulay was standing for the truth, “He just wants the unity, peace and progress of Isoko Nation. The truth is that the position has stayed long in Isoko North, 20 years. It is time for it to move to Isoko South. We are so ready to claim it so it is going to be three over five for PDP in Isoko Nation. SDP is clearing House of Representative and House of Assembly seats.”


While fielding questions from newsmen, Hon Alex Abriku Okathe, National Chairman Equity Movement Delta State, stated that the interest of a nation is higher than the interest of a political party, “we are beyond party politics right now. Isoko North has occupied this seat for the past 20 years, knowing fully well that this position belongs to the two local government. The interest of Isoko Nation right now is that the House of Representation position should go to Isoko South.


Okathe, Former Majority Leader, Isoko North Legislative Arm, said “Political party is just a vehicle that will take a candidate to a destination and PDP has gotten it wrong this time. The primaries conducted was not democratic. One man sat down in his house and wrote names. Political positions ought to be swapped between constituency one and two, south and north local government areas.


“Equity movement message to Isoko Nation is vote Hon. Fineboy Dickson Ebegbare to represent us at the national assembly we also believe that Hon Onajega David Okumagba is the person that we are going to support based on credibility, vibrancy and the fact that he is a man who has been in the legislative business for long. We believe he is far more qualified than the man that was imposed on us. We are sure of our candidates emerging victorious at the polls.”


Political pressure groups in attendance include, Equity Movement, Grace Mission, Exodus, One Belle, IPV, OBM Movement, IPRF, IGM, IPM, Brighter Ladies Movement, Macaulay Political Women, Macaulay Political Girls Forum, MPV, Ewomame Market Women Forum Otor-Owhe, Uyoyou Market Women Group Otor-Owhe, National Feeders Garri Women, Elozino Market Women Group, Majovo Market Women Otor-Owhe, Akiewhe, Concerned Girls Group Damotech Foundation and Oghenekaro Rita Forum.

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