Building Your Team As A Project Management Professional (PMP)-Rosemary Imhanwa

One of the key expectations of stakeholders in your organization (especially top management as well as your team members) as a certified Project Management Professional is competency in delivery of your project requirements.
Now as a leader (project coordinator or project manager), you are really not expected to carry out day to day project tasks, but you are expected to manage the project team so well that they become and remain high performers in delivery of their tasks.
So how can you achieve this? Well, this article will share some strategies you can use in building and getting the best performance out of your team which in turn will give you your much-desired accolades from the top management in your organization.
In the first place, how do you become a Certified Project Management Professional?
You will undergo an intensive preparatory training with an experienced trainer who has past track record, report your training information as well as your experience in participating in projects and your educational background on the Project Management Institute (PMI) platform, get eligibility to take the exam and finally sit for the exam.
Once you are certified, which means you are proficient in utilizing the global best practice in project management, you can then do the following in building and sustaining your project team’s performance in whatever project you are assigned to-
Get to know your team very well. This in fact requires you to get deep insight about their individual strengths and weaknesses and categorize their communications skills into the following-
Those who are called red brain who tend to focus a lot in getting clarity about any task that they are expected to carry out. They are usually extremely logical in outlining any suggestions or recommendations they have about an idea.
The green brain category are people who dwell a lot on a bigger picture and typically like to analyze every detail. These types of people take time in concluding on recommendations or suggestions until they are satisfied of the feasible outcome.
There are also people who are known as blue brain who can multitask a lot. They typically initiate ideas and are usually willing to try any recommendation or suggestion as long as the idea is achievable.
The people who are categorized as purple brain are similar to the green brain as they tend to gather all the relevant information they need and carefully see the delivery of their tasks to a logical end. Note here that their results are always very near perfect.
Once you have gotten a clear insight of your project team, the next thing is to draw up your detailed strategy of how you plan on utilizing each of their strengths while taking note of their weaknesses while carrying out their task.
You then need to create a framework that clearly shows the boundaries of each individual’s tasks so as to rule out wrong assumptions that can lead to conflict.
Motivating the team comes in very handy at this point especially while undergoing the stages of team building.
Finally, you need to implement ways in which you can improve your team’s competency, welfare and mental wellbeing.
In all of this, being an effective certified Project Management Professional requires you to put in the work, and while doing that, you become the expert and the go-to person in delivering any project assigned to you!
As an experienced project manager and a world class coach in project management, I can help you go from being a beginner on projects to being a certified PMP and an effective and most sought-after project manager through my state of art courses and framework.
I am also available to drive creativity and better performance from project teams in your organization.
You may click on the link below to reach me and my team to help with service you need with regards to project management-
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Instagram Handle- @roselimhanwa
Rosemary Imhanwa has over 18 years in leading professional bodies in Engineering and PMI (as a Past President of PMI Nigeria chapter) in Nigeria she has facilitated both Project Management and Production Operations courses in top giants of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.
She has featured on international platforms like Fox 34 News, NBC and CBS.
She has provided training services for Shell Petroleum Development Company (Training School), Nigerian Petroleum Development Company, Nigerian Gas Company, Nestoil Group, ND Western Company and Cradle Solutions (Houston).
She is currently an in-house resource faculty that provides Management Consultancy Services to Brisk Business Incorporated (In New York).
She is the founder of KSL Training School and a Managing Partner at Kedahan Services Ltd with offices in Lagos and Warri.
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