Change The Narrative From Leaders Of Tomorrow To Today, Tomorrow Ebegba Charges Youths


…unveils centre for leadership and environment sustainability in Ughelli North


Omamuzo Efidhere


Director General and Chief Executive Officer, National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA), Dr. Rufus Ebegba has charged youths to take leadership responsibility in order to change the narrative from leaders of tomorrow to leaders of today and tomorrow.

Dr. Rufus Ebegba addressing newsmen recently during the unveiling of the Rufus Ebegba centre for leadership and environment sustainability at Owumi Guest House in Ughelli North Local Government Area, Delta State, said that he believes that the society can be better if the youths take necessary leadership responsibilities now as they are not just the leaders of tomorrow but leaders of today and tomorrow.

“This Centre’s mission is to enhance ideal leadership for a better humanity, for a greater world, working together effortlessly, ensuring safe and protected environment where everyone’s dignity and interest are supreme. We believe every person deserves the choice to live with dignity not dependence. We may not have the power to build the future for our youths but we can build the youths for the future by changing the way the world views leadership.

“I am concentrating on the youths and women because they do not have economic power yet only political power. I want them to begin to exercise their political power so that they can have economic power. Over the years, the youths have been relegated and used as thugs, ballot box snatchers, election riggers, assassins, gun runners, kidnappers etc. how many of their children come out to vote, they are all in UK, USA while you run around from one locality to another making your parents to sweat and suffer when you are detained or shot dead.

“Do not underrate yourself you are very important so stop running after these old politicians they need you more than you need them, take leadership responsibility, live above thuggery and election violence, you can contest and win elections, the government houses are meant for you too, do not reduce or underprice yourself you are the majority all you have to do is set a good leadership example for the society. We want a nation where we can move freely without police escort the security and peace of our nation is in your hands.

“Most of you do not want to earn the money that your qualification can get you, you want quick money when I started working in 1990 my salary was 1,500 I am appealing to mothers to warn their children as the issue of yahoo will not help them. You are heaping curses on yourself by taking innocent people’s money as nemesis will surely catch up with you. I am appealing to the youths to retrace their steps and change the course of our nation. We want a nation where everyone counts, where everyone is important, the voice of everyone must be heard.”

In her address, Chief Mrs. Suleman, President Isoko Development Union Women Wing advised the youths to remove their hands from evil vices that will take the nation backward and partner with Dr. Rufus Ebegba as what he is doing is positive. “I am partnering with him because he has positive agenda for the youths and women of this state. if they follow and do all his biddings, meet him for advice whenever or wherever they encounter any problem the sky will be their limit. Then to take the women to the next level money should be given to them to purchase fertilizers to make farming easy and increase harvest turnout. Charity they say begins at home so mothers counsel your children properly at an early age as the values you instill in them is what they will display as youths in the society.”

Presenting the award of ‘the most outstanding Director General’ Comr. Eyela Efe, President National Union of Urhobo Students Delta State University Abraka described Dr. Rufus Ebegba as a leader that has come with a promise of change. “we salute him for his commitment, undying love and concern for youths in our nation there is light in him and he has not come to offer youths deception but has come so that we can create a universal change which we have never seen before.

“for so long the youths have been neglected politically we are glad that we now have a leader who wants to create a foundation not just for sharing food and money but to raise a new breed of youth leaders who can actually make a difference instead of being hooligans, societal miscreants, yahoo boys, crime perpetrators, useless to parents and society.”

Comr. Nicholas Iornzughnl National Coordinator Remain with Buhari Advocacy Initiative stated that if 10% of our present leaders have passion for the youths, value for the masses not for the position they occupy and the development of the nation, Nigeria will be a better place to live in. “youths will have to go for leadership positions not following politicians about as media aides, legislative aides, special assistant and senior special assistant.

“Rufus does not segregate, he is not sectional and his good deeds have endeared him to us. We will go to any length to support him we are waiting to see when he will unveil to us his political ambition because we want him to serve the country in a better and privileged position to touch more lives not for selfish reasons.”

Agboro Henry APM Patani Coordinator appealed to the youths to start thinking above instant gratifications and identify with the Rufus Ebegba centre for leadership and environment sustainability. “this foundation has come with solution to problems facing the youths and women. The women from Patani wants to identify with this foundation because they have seen that Rufus is good, kind and has the intention of empowering women–they are mostly cooperative farmers trying to see how they can raise funds to invest in their farms

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist

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