If You Want A Better Nigeria, Vote Peter Obi He Is The Most Qualified – Prof. Akpodiete 

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….The Main Issue With Nigeria Is Bad Leadership


As Nigerians prepare for the Presidential and National Assembly elections on Saturday, Cyber Security Expert, Prof (Rev) Alex Atawa Akpodiete, has charged Nigerians with PVCs to vote for Peter Obi, the Presidential Candidate of Labour Party for a better future.


Prof. Alex Akpodiete stated this recently during a live press conference with the topic ‘The Future Of Nigeria and Peter Obi’s Candidacy’ held at Iwhreko women town hall, Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State


According to him, “I am not here on behalf of any party, religion or ethnic group I want a better Nigeria for my children. Under the current condition in Nigeria, we have no reason to not have it right this time. Nigeria is a very rich country, we have money in this country it is just that it is in the hands of few people and it is being mismanaged.


“The main issue with Nigeria is bad leadership, from 1960 to the present  leaders  We do not lack natural  or human resources. I have been to over 42 countries and I can tell you that Nigerians are the most smartest people I have ever met. I just came in from the UAE some days ago and I saw what their government is doing with less money than we have. I have noticed that Nigeria is richer but these countries have better infrastructure than we have.


“The time to act is now. We know that we can be better than this. Peter Obi has vision and knows things that we can do with our money. The same thing that he did for Anambra State, making it better, he will do for Nigeria if voted in as president. I have looked at all the candidates, of all the top three runners,  HE is the most qualified. He has the pedigree, antecedents and track record to deliver on his promises.


“If you really want to lay a good legacy for your children and a future for Nigeria, you should vote for Peter Obi.Let us with our vote for Peter Obi make Nigeria a better country for everybody so that Nigerians don’t have to die daily trying to  cross deserts and international waters just to go abroad when we have everything we need here. We just want an enabling environment for Nigerians to hustle.


“Who is running for president today in Nigeria is critical. What are your antecedents,  how old are you,  what is your health and mental state, are we interested in recycling the same system, NO,. We are hoping that the people have become fed up by now that they will say no to vote buyers. We want a better Nigeria whereby if you have children in the diaspora, they can come back to visit any time without fear of being kidnapped and I believe that it is possible.


Continuing he said, “my advice on that day is take hold of your destiny, vote your conscience dont be concerned about party structure, religion, ethnicity. We want to see a difference in security, electricity, roads, education, jobs etcetera in the next four years. Vote who you believe will make a better Nigeria, a Nigeria that will work for every body irrespective of religion, ethnicity, party.  you cannot tell me that the South East are not qualified to produce a president. Nonsense let Nigeria work for every single person let us all have access to better opportunity.


“Do not tell me you are a party man, this election is not about party but about candidates with proven integrity that can deliver on election promises. Does it mean if your party present a mass murderer, criminal, you will vote for him? It is past time of loyalty to party and leaders, it is time to hold our leaders accountable and responsible.


“Make sure that whosoever you vote for is the right person because you cannot say or do anything in the next four years if you vote for the wrong party. Peter Obi will be accountable and those he is going to appoint while in office, we will make sure that they are all held accountable.


“Finally We are also appealing to the conscience of Nigerians who are interested in voting for a better Nigeria, to go to their polling unit  armed with their PVCs on time, vote then wait from 300 metres so that you don’t disturb the process and make sure that your vote is counted and nobody tampers with the result. The party agents for Peter Obi are majority of Nigerians, the real agents of charge.” He said

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist


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