NCWC Recommends Rapists Be Publicly Disgraced Before Serving Jail Term



National Council of Women Societies (NCWC), Ughelli South Local Government Area chapter has recommended that rapists be taken to their communities and publicly disgraced before serving jail term.

President of NCWC, Ughelli South chapter, Mrs. Victoria Jowah gave this recommendation recently when the group embarked on a protest against rape and other forms of gender based violence suffered by the girl-child in the area.


The peaceful protesters visited the Otu-Jeremi Market to sensitize the market women on why they must take a stand against rape and gender based violence. They also visited the Police Station and the Palace of Okobaro of Ughievwen kingdom to appeal for support in passing their message to the appropriate authorities and royal approval and backing.

Victoria Jowah said “this protest is as a result of the ill treatment melted out on the girl-child in the society and the recent increase of rape cases across the nation. As mothers, we know the pain experienced during child birth. Despite the fact that both sexes are precious to every mother, the girl-child has been singled out as the major victim of rape and other forms of gender based violence.


“The girl-child suffers the brunt of oppression, victimization, degradation more than her male counterpart. She is harassed, embarrassed, abused, oppressed, deprived, apprehended, debased, dehumanized, disfigured, marginalized and exploited. There are great violations against women which include rape, abduction, trafficking, child marriage, genital mutilation, deprivation of inheritance amongst others.


“The United States Senate Judiciary Committee reported in 1990 that every 6 minutes, a woman is raped, every 15 seconds, a woman is beaten. This was 30 years ago, so you can imagine how bad it would be by now with the high rate of drug addicts. The ill effects that accrue from gender violence especially rape include psychological distress, unwanted pregnancy, risk of fistula, HIV/AIDS, stigmatization, discrimination and death.”


While the government work on ways to promulgate stringent laws against culprits and implement them fully I recommend that offenders be taken to their communities and publicly disgraced before serving jail term. This will put off any one nursing the ideal of raping in his heart.” She said.

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist

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