Opinion/Analysis: THE SHERIFF OBOREVWORI I KNOW-Rex Anighoro

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By Rex Anighoro

The Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly, the Rt. Honourable Sheriff Oborevwori is a man of clear vision and purpose.

I know him to be a team player, a consensus builder and one who plays by the rules.

He is a man who has attained political maturity and responsibility, these qualities he often displays in his leadership of the Delta State House of Assembly.

The Sheriff Oborevwori I know is not inordinately ambitious nor a rabble rouser, he is not one who will energise mediocrity.

It is an absurdity of extremity therefore for anyone to engage in kindergarten propaganda with intent to mischief.

The displayed Rt. Honourable Sheriff Oborevwori for Delta State Governorship
media campaign especially on Facebook is a clearly an infantile ejaculation.

No Political leader of the People Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State especially those engaged in Governance will embark on any open campaign for themselves nor endorse any public support nor campaign to be done on their behalf at this time in the pursuit of Delta Governorship. Even the most of overzealous supporters knows this sacred rule and as such won’t even dare.

Our Political leaders all know that such macabre engagement will amount to clear breach of Party directives and amount to deliberate distraction to His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa governance of the State.

I also know that whoever that will succeed His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa as PDP flagbearer for the 2023 Governorship elections will not undermine the process.

The Sheriff Oborevwori I know is not an unripe mango that will not submit to the process. He is not a green horn nor a irresponsible Political leader.

Urhobo Nation have many qualified persons who will in due time vie for the Governorship of Delta State and I know none of them will be desperate.

Certainly I know Rt. Honourable Sheriff Oborevwori will not be desperate to jump the gun.

This mischief is dead on arrival.

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