Pastor Okon Urge Parents To Participate In Their Children’s School Social Events 




The proprietress of God’s Will Deliverance Nursery and Primary School Ughelli, Pastor Mrs. Blessing Okon has called on parent’s to participate in their children’s school social events.


Pastor Blessing Okon noted that Parents don’t really put in effort to participate in their children’s school social events.



According to Okon, “I am so happy that the term is ending this way we did not lose any pupil; we are all complete by the grace of God. I thank God for everything.Generally in regards to their learning the children have tried and also their commitment to their books is superb.


“What I can is that parents do not like attending school social events so for them to come out to cheer up and give moral support to their children participating in the various activities of the day is really a challenge as far as I am concerned in this school.While some parents see it as children and teachers affairs others are too busy with their careers and businesses to be bothered.


“But as we cross over to the new year, before subsequent social events we are going to be inculcating it in them that it is not a children teachers affair, it is supposed to be parents, children and teachers affair so that when the children look back they will see their parents cheering them on while their teachers instruct them on what to do.


“What is different here is the approach of the teachers to parents. We don’t allow teachers to insult or physically assault parents  We normally direct teachers to call the attention of the management If there is any challenge, anything that partain to misunderstanding so that there will be room for peace talks between the parents and the teachers. So that such matters can be dealt with amicably.


“Our school fees is affordable not too high not too small it is what every parent can afford despite the vicinity the physical structure of the school building. We did not plan the price of the school fees on the physical look of the school building we just want to be considerate to every parents whether rich or moderate, you can pay our fees. It will not tear your pocket.



“Above all we give room for prayers. We pray every Friday because we believe that for the children to go through life, school successfully they need God. They need to have the knowledge of God not only their books. We really enhance their academic work load with prayers. If you call any pupil out now, he or she will be able to pray because we inculcate  the principles of prayer in them.


Earlier in her welcome address, Mrs. Otemu Ovoke,The head teacher of God’s Will Deliverance Nursery and Primary School stated that the first term ended on a happy note for the teachers and students.


“The term was successful, peaceful there was no alarm everything went well by the grace of God.I appreciate the parents for creating time to come and celebrate this end of term/Christmas party with us. I pray that God bless you and grant you all your heart desires.


“Celebrate this Christmas wisely because school resumes 8th of January  I know it is not easy but God will provide for you. I pray that God bless the work of your hands abundantly so that you can pay school fees and buy books for your children second term stress free .


“Throughout this festive season no harm shall befall any of our students and they will resume hale and hearty. The good Lord will keep them from evil and give them more wisdom, knowledge, understanding and a sound mind.”


On her part, Rev. Mrs Sharon Odede,  a Proprietress in Ughelli while fielding questions from newsmen said “I came and saw a lot of difference in all that they have been doing. I discovered that there is a lot to learn when you go out when I walked into the field I discovered that these kids have really been taught their presentations, The way they communicated, what they have been able to present shows that they were really cooked and prepared to do amazing things. What they did is directly from the inside. Whatever role that was assigned to any of the pupils is what they can do. It is not artificial it is not just to please people no I believe that what they did here, they can do it even at home without being coerced to do it because it is from the Inside.


“This school is a very wonderful school I love the way the teachers related with the children and even with us, The invited guest of this great occasion. I love this school, this school is a very wonderful school and I am going to advise every one to be part of this outstanding school and I know that there is no way that you will have contact with this school and your life will remain the same ,it is impossible so it is good to have them in this our own state you know in our time I love that. That is good.”

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist

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