Ughelli Day Of Prayers:Monarch Says Prayer Day Will Not Stop, Appeal To Youths To Celebrate Christmas With Peace Not Gun

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The Ovie of Ughelli Kingdom, HRM Evang. (Dr.) Wilson Ojakovo Oharisi III has said the Ughelli Day Of Prayers,Thanksgiving introduced twelve years ago to release the kingdom from the grips of armed robbers, ancient evil covenants, curses and their effect will not stop any time soon but will get bigger every year.


Oharisi III stated this recently during the 11th edition of Ughelli Day of Prayers and Thanksgiving, with the theme ‘Praise The Lord’ held on Saturday and Sunday at Oharisi Primary School and Royal Palace Church, Ovie palace Otovwodo respectively. According to him, “since 2012 when i asked Bishop (Dr.) Kingsley Enakirerhi to start the prayer day, there has been strange dimensions of testimonies.



‘Each year my happiness grows because God has not disappointed us, every year when we call on him, God answers all of our prayers individually and as a kingdom. So I know beyond all reasonable doubt that this prayer day will not stop and by the grace of God the coming years ahead will be bigger as we are going to write to all the twenty three towns/villages to come and partake of what God is doing for the land and people. I stand to declare that I, my household and the kingdom will continue to praise God every day, week, month and year.


Speaking of the forthcoming festive season, he said “My advice to the descendants and residents of the kingdom especially the youths, is that they should not in the name of Christmas steal, maim or kill. If you are caught, you are on your own because all hands are on deck for anyone who misbehave. Please use what you have to celebrate Christmas. If you have  money to buy/make new clothes do if not wash and iron your old clothes. We assume that Christmas is the period when Jesus Christ was born, so when we are celebrating Jesus,  we should celebrate it with peace and not with gun, tears, loss of life and property.



In his address earlier, President of Ughelli Day of Prayers and Thanksgiving, Bishop (Dr.) Kingsley Enakirerhi speaking on the theme of the 11th edition ‘Praise The Lord ’ said that “we are using the 11th edition to celebrate another encounter praising God in the beauty of his holiness for sparing the king’s life and for all the good things he has done for all of us in Ughelli and it’s environs.  Psalms 67:5-7, We are telling God that no matter what is happening in our nation, economy, environment etcetera, you are worthy of our praise. This year has been one of the worst year in the history of this Nation, dollar rose to 710, things are just skyrocketing, inflation, before with 2000 you can make stew and soup but today with 10000 it is not easy so what do we do in the midst of all this, the bible said that we should give thanks to God, 2 Chronicles 20:22, Acts 16:32, Daniel 11:32,


“it takes people who know their God to praise him when things are not working. Next year is going to be full of exploits for everyone doing business or working in this kingdom. Prayer is a seed. Blessings are going to flow everywhere. The 12th edition of Ughelli Day Of Prayers is going to be great, better, bigger and more successful in the sense that the Word of God declares that the future is greater than the past Haggai 2:9.” He said


Rev. Benjamin Esemeteye, JP, Chairman Central Working Committee, said since 2012 when the king decided to dedicate the kingdom to God instead of consulting idols, God has been in charge. ” the effect was felt in the palace and life of the king, he was seriously sick but today he is hale and hearty.  Ughelli is now peace full, no more killings, the main road from Otovwodo to Ekiugbo is dual way , buildings only seen in America, Europe and Lagos now built in every street.



“I attended Government College in 1967, so I can tell you the development from that time till now can not be quantified, all that you see in developed cities are now in Ughelli so our prayer now is that the ovie be made a first class monarch because Ughelli is rich in resources, we have oil, purifiers , gas in large quantities. ”



Rev. Azaka Ejovwoke, Secretary,  Central Working Committee said the 11th edition was to celebrate God for delivering the Ovie when he had double hip surgery, “every one thought that he was dead but to the glory of God the king is very much alive to the surprise of so many nay sayers .



“Also since 2012 people have been coming in droves to Ughelli for business, to buy and develop land because they found out that Ughelli is not a direct tributary of the river Niger. The flood that ravaged and covered  a lot of communities/villages around in Niger Delta did not affect Ughelli God is worthy to be praised ”


Deacon Mabamije Balogun , Chairman Media, appealed to the descendants and residents of Ughelli to key into the programme. “Prayer is the life wire of every society. Through this prayers so many things have been removed from the land, there is peace, progress and lives and properties are secured.  In most cases, monarchs dedicate their kingdom to idols but Oharisi III has said that Ughelli should be for God so I think everyone should key into this programme because if we believe in God and we cannot come together to pray that means we are hypocrites.

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