Uzere kingdom Lays Foundation Of Independent Power Project 

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Ovedhe Hezekiah.


In a bid to ensure an uninterrupted power supply in Oil rich Uzere kingdom in Isoko  South Local  Government  Area of Delta State, the Second Oil Community in Nigeria has recently laid a foundation of a two Mega Watts Independent Power Plant that will generate electricity for the first Community were Oil was discovered in Delta State and second in Nigeria.


While laying the foundation,  the traditional ruler of Uzere kingdom, HRM, Isaac Odhiwhu Udogri I, said that, the Uzere IPP project is aimed at powering the entire Uzere kingdom with the gas being generated within the kingdom.


He charged the contracting company,  SafeConnect Investments Limited to ensure that the job is delivered to specification and also within the duration given for the commissioning of the project.


Speaking in an interview with journalists, the CEO/Managing Director of SafeConnect Investments Limited, Engr Michael Ikoro Ekpoh said, SafeConnect, a 3-in1 company, specialised in properties,  Oil and Gas, and Power, is the company contracted to build the Independent Power Plant project for Uzere kingdom.


In his words; “As you know, Uzere is an Oil Producing Community. The second Community were Oil was discovered in Nigeria and first Community were Oil was discovered in Delta State and Isoko land. So the joy we have here today is that Uzere is making another laudable history,  in the sense that, Uzere is the first Community in Isoko land to lay a foundation for a 2 Mega Watts Independent Power Plant. I must tell you that, we are starting with a 500KWH Gas generator for them. This shall be expandable to 2MW within a space of time.

“Uzere has suffered so long in terms of land (soil) degradation as a result of Gas Exploitation. So now they want to transform the kingdom into a paradise and the only thing is for them to have an uninterrupted power supply.


“This Project is in 3 milestones. The first milestone of this project is for us to order for the Gas generator. And we are not to buy from “off-the-shelve, the manufacturer has to manufacture the plant to specification. This shall take 26 weeks.


“Then concurrently we will build the power House. The Power House comprises of 4 compartments of 500KWH each making the 2 Mega Watts Plant; a Standard Digital Control room and the administrative office; to work with relevant regulatory and agencies for permits and regulatory requirements and to embark on infrastructure and customer enumeration. These are other segments of the first milestone.”


Engr Michael Ekpoh further stated that, “The second milestone is, today Uzere is linked to an 11 KV Power distribution network, so we are going to step up the Output for the Gas plant from 415 volts to 11 KV line. Then we will now link it to the 11KV network and the entire Uzere will have light.


“The other segment of the milestone is for us to procure a step up transformers. A 415 to 11 KV transformer. Then the 4th thing we are going to achieve in the first milestone is for us to do an infrastructure customer enumeration for Uzere.  Those are the things that make up the first milestone.


“The second milestone is for us to build and equip the control room. While the last milestone is for us to receive the generator through the Onne Port, we will do the clearing and bring the machine to site.

The CEO/Managing Director of SafeConnect Investments Limited, Engr Michael Ikoro Ekpoh, in a group photograph with the traditional ruler of Uzere kingdom, HRM, Isaac Odhiwhu Udogri I, and other members of the Uzere Independent Power Plant project sub Committee led by Chairman of Committee, Bashorun Askia Ogieh.

“Then we will now do what we call mechanical and electrical installations. When we have completed that, then it will be set for commissioning. Commissioning is to ensure that we try to power up the internal network in segments until the entire Community is hooked up to the distribution network.


“One other thing in the 3rd milestone is to sanitize the distribution network in order to ensure that we don’t have frictions or obstructions for us to be able to distribute Power seamlessly to the entire community and the consumers.  So basically, that’s what the project is all about.”


Why commenting on the sponsorship of the project, Engr. Michael Ikoro Ekpoh said, “Uzere has taken a very bold decisive decision about the revenue that accrue to the community by virtue of the fact that they are Oil producing Community.  The GMOU they have with the Oil Companies operating in the community, instead of spending the funds on other things, they have also done some set of austerity measures to bring everything together and channel it to fund the IPP Project.”


He advised other Isoko Oil Producing Communities to take a clue from what Uzere has done so that Isoko will be a better placedand Isoko will be a land for investment, noting that, “there is nothing in this life that is not doable; So, the other Oil producing Communities should take a clue and they should learn.


Engr Ekpoh further opined that, in this dispensation in the paradigm shift that we are going, when the Oil Producing Communities have enough power, they can be able to share to other communities that are non-Oil Producing Communities and there will be even distribution of power around Isoko land. The Oil Producing Communities can make it. Isoko can make it. Delta State can also make it.


“I am assuring the people of Uzere that, this IPP Project will be complete within the next 7-8months, and light will be on because we have gotten all machineries needed for the project on ground.


“What would have been a challenge is the issue of funding but with the zeal of the Uzere President General and his executives,  the King and his cabinet of chiefs, the Uzere IPP Project sub Committee led by Odio Bashorun Askia Ogieh;  These people have really stood and supported this programme.  They have assured that funding will not be a problem.


“We have also structured the milestone in a way that we can mitigate against hyper-inflation that is presently ravaging the country. The things that we know that are inflation striking, we try to bring them to milestone one so that inflation will not rub us on the success of this project. We also make sure that we give allowances to the unstable exchange rate.


“The success of Uzere IPP Project will proliferate and open the gate way to investments on Independent Power Project (IPPs) and SafeConnect Investments Limited is always available to render its services to other Isoko Oil Producing Communities, Delta State and the Nation at large that are ready to take a clue from Uzere.


“The Problem of Power in Nigeria is solvable. A little extra and concrete strategies with wisdom from God will do the magic.” Engr Michael Ekpoh stated.

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