2023: Ndokwa East Has Received Poorest Representation Since 1999, NDA Cries Out



…Vows to reject imposition of candidates



Worried by what it described as poorest political representation the people had received since 1999,
the Ndoshimili Development Association, NDA, the apex social cultural organization of the people of Ndokwa East local Government Area of Delta State, has vowed to reject imposition of candates in the 2023 general election.



This was contained in a letter endorsed by NDA’s Chairman, Dr. Obiorah Enuebuka and Secretary, Dr Mike Oke and addressed to the state Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa.


The letter read: “Ndokwa East Local Government Area has received the poorest political representation since the inception of this republic.
In the past and currently we continue to be marginalized, disrespected and excluded from the infrastructural development agenda of Delta state and federal government despite being the strongest net contributor of economic resources to the state and the nation.


“Our oil and gas reserve is second to none in Africa, our Okpai Independent Power plant generates over 480 mega watts of electricity yet 98% of communities in Ndokwa East local government area are without electricity. We lack basic amenities in our communities. This is largely due to bad political representation.


“Why does NELGA suffer bad representation? The answer is because the state PDP controlled government has continued to impose candidates on us. They meet in Asaba and appoint their surrogates to represent us. This despicable act prevails in council, state and federal elections. The consequence of having imposed leaders is that these persons give their loyalty to their masters who facilitated their imposition they tell our people to their faces that our people did not elect them so they will not answer to them. NELGA has not received dividends of democracy because of bad representation.


“Our communities are in ruins, constituency projects do not exist where started they are abandoned. We now say enough is enough.
It is important that those that call themselves political leaders respect themselves and honor the will of the people. The practice of imposing candidates against the will of the people is worse than military dictatorship. We hereby urge you to denounce this ugly trend and let the will of the people endure.


“It is sad and unfortunate that our politicians have become so desperate for power and elections that they are going diabolical making delegates to swear oats that they must vote them in exchange for material and monetary inducements.”


“We the people have suffered too much. In most communities in NELGA there are no government foot prints. The coastal road that is meant to connect our communities not presented for execution, health center projects he started abandoned, Abala Ossisa bridge road among others abandoned. NELGA has not seen the impact of constituency project appropriations both at state and federal levels yet the politicians are seeking re-election, we urge you not to support evil.


“The qualities we need in preferred candidates include: Humility, people oriented and service to public orientation; Must subscribe to public accountability and be trust worthy; Must have evidence of showing passion for public affairs in the their personal life; Person of integrity with demonstrated capacity to speak out for us and drive infrastructure development
and a leader who understands how things work and who is desirous of creating a legacy.’



Continuing, the letter said: “We don’t want people who seek public office to enrich their pockets and divert public funds that is what PDP has being giving us; Someone who has overwhelming acceptability by our people one who understands that a leader is a servant and Someone who has demonstrated success in their private life, in their vocation or career.


“To be clear, neither a sitting governor nor former governors nor their cohort have the power to pick for the people who will represent them in a democracy that power belongs to the people and should be demonstrated during nomination. Please do not give us bad apples to pick from. We the people of NELGA have resolved to reject any party that imposes candidates for re-election before the poll so rigging will not work this time.”

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist


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