2023: Ukodhiko Embodies The Aspirations Of Isoko People – Odu

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By Ajiri-Oghen Oreh



A prominent leader of thought, Chief Obaro Odu has said that the PDP House of Representatives Candidate for Isoko Federal Constituency, Engr Jonathan Ukodhiko, embodies the collective mindset, yearnings and aspirations of the Isoko people.


Making the disclosure from his base at Houston Texas in the United States of America  recently, Chief Odu said, “Ukodhiko represents Isoko quest for effective representation at the Federal Level, and a better life for all”


“He comes across as a leader with good public policy ideas that will help to make our people’s lives improved and better”


Obaro, the immediate past President-General of the Isoko Association of North America, stated, “I have confidence in the abilities of Ukodhiko, he is a dynamic leader and a visionary with incredible candor and humility.


“He is not seeking the Isoko Federal Constituency office/seat for any personal gains or selfish purposes “


“He is a patriot and the Biblical Moses of our time sent forth to deliver his people from the bondages of lack of socioeconomic development and marginalization of Isoko sons and daughters in appointment to national offices “


“Also, Ukodhiko is not given to reckless abandonment of the yearnings and aspirations of our people or succumbing exceedingly to greedy instincts”



“I strongly believe that the House of Representatives Candidate of the PDP, Engr Jonathan Ukodhiko will make all of us Isoko Federal Constituency proud when elected come February, 2023. I wish him Godspeed” Chief Obaro added.

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist


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