2023:Give Me The Mandate, I Will Bring  Development To My People- Etugbo

Chief Alfred Godcase Etugbo, Labour Party candidate for Delta State House of Assembly, Isoko South Constituency I seat in the forthcoming general elections, has promised to bring development to his constituents and Constituency, if given the mandate.
Chief Etugbo stated this in an interview with Journalists in his Country home,  over the weekend,  stressing that, he presented himself to vie for the position to change the narrative of poor representation occassioned by all PDP candidates that has represented the Constituency in the past.
He said that; “Over the years, candidates from PDP has represented the Constituency without good infrastructural development for our people. I’m sure you drove down the road and you saw the state of the road. Even though allocation is coming from the State Government every month, it should have permeated down well by touching the lives of the people and the community itself. If you look at the community now, you cannot say this is my community because of lack of development.
“Politics is no longer business as usual. If you have a child and the child is not growing, no parent will be proud of that child. Growth is constant and it should be seen in the life of the child. If you look at the communities in Isoko and in this my Constituency, you will see that the level of development is low.
“So my coming to represent my people in the State House of Assembly is to give my people quality representation. I have the qualifications and the capacity to bring development to my constituents and my community. I carry light and if given the mandate,  I will light up the entire Isoko South Constituency I, with infrastructural development.
“With me, as their representative in  the  State  House of Assembly, Oleh cannot remain where it is today. I will ensure that the dual road in Oleh cut across Irri and Emede. I will ensure that there is constant electricity supply in Irri,  Oleh and Emede. Because if there is light, the economy of the Constituency will be revived and development will come. I am not going to share the money meant for Constituency projects to political associates.”
Chief Alfred Godcase Etugbo,  further asserted that; “Politics these days is not all about party structure. It is now about the individual, the substance and capacity that the individual have is what will make people vote for him/her.  The era of ballot box snatching and filling of incident form is gone. Now, it is by your PVC strictly. With the new technology introduced into the voting system now,  I am sure the idea of snatching ballot box has totally been eradicated. Because INEC has a new guildline now, that if a ballot box is snatched in a particular polling unit, that unit votes is cancelled.
“With this new technologies, I want to assure our people that, their votes will count. I am appealing to my people that they must come out this time to exercise their franchise. The era of leaving election for hooligans is gone, they must come out with their PVCs to vote and their votes will count. Because the Machine will capture each voters face and thumbs and that will qualify them to vote for whoever they want to vote for.
“No one is voting for party again rather everyone is queuing behind the candidates that they know can deliver dividends of democracy to them.We have tried voting for party in the past, all in the name of party is supreme but it was not favourable to us. We need credible people, who have the wherewithal to go to the House of Assembly and bring development to our people and I’m that person that can bring development to our people.
“As a technocrat and business man. I know what will bring development and I know who to talk to,  I know the right button to press. I am the right man for the job. I think every other person running against me should come and consult me and let us work together. They should work for me and let us develop Isoko South Constituency I together. I am not going to handle Constituency projects as a contractor. Constituency project contracts will be given to competent hands that will deliver quality jobs.
“I implore my people to have the right thinking mind and vote for Labour Party in the forthcoming general elections. Because we have tried PDP over the years without anything to show for it. If the wife you have at home is not giving you children which is the purpose of every marriage.You as a man will have to go outside to get another woman that will give you children. The same applies to politics. If the purpose of politics is to bring development and we are not seeing the development, then no need. Our people should try voting other parties without structure and they should vote Labour Party in the forthcoming general elections.
“My mission is to go to that House and bring notable development that you can feel and touch to our people and let the people see it. In my kind of politics,  I don’t have boundaries. I don’t care if you are PDP or APC man, what  I am more concerned about is the development of my Constituency. And the development must touch every where.
“Because I have noticed that, what PDP does is, if a PDP man is staying in a street. They will construct the road of that street and end it immediately after the house of the PDP man. I don’t play that kind of politics. The difference between party is just the colour,  whether you wear a yellow or black shirt,  we are all brothers.  What affects you should be able to affect me. So if you decide to develop only your side because you are PDP member what happen to other areas. I think it is a wrong way of playing politics.
“By God’s grace if I am given the mandate, in the few years that I am going to stay in that place.  I will use my money to run solar street lights from end to end of Emede,  Oleh and Irri. That will be my personal project.  I have the capacity,  I have the money. I have been in the oil and gas sector before. So politics is not my primary business and development of my Constituency is my priority.”
Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist


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