60 Years Of Nigeria’s Arrested Independence

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By Assin Godstime


60 years of Nigeria’s arrested Independence, no good roads, no conducive schools, no growth, no development, no love, nothing. Nothing. Our resources are in the hands of few who then own mansions in Abuja, America, Canada and the UK.


Nigerians are not all happy people. Many have no food to eat. At 60, many Nigerians have no roof above their heads; some sleep under bridges in Lagos. Others at the Museum ground in Benin. No development, no growth. Yet, we are 60. 60 years of adject poverty, political detention, arrested democracy and state of comatose.


Unfairly, but constitutionally, the aged president is expected to address Nigerians in his English-Hausa intonation today. No growth, no development. 60 years of cheerful but arrested Independence. Independence from the whites but enslavement in the hands of our political class.


Obviously Nigerians shall someday demand self Independence from the hands of our political class. Nigerians shall vigorously demand for her freedom not to succumb to political misrule. Nigerians shall say: “NO, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. Nigerians shall deny billionaires into political offices and vote in competence, men of integrity, vision and experience.


60 years of Nigeria’s arrested Independence, we are still begging for growth. 60 years of political darkness, no growth, no development. Admittedly, a man in detention shall someday be freed. Nigeria shall someday be freed. We shall fully, but admittedly be freed from the hands of hocus-pocus leaders who have fleet of cars, mansions in Abuja, America, Canada and other parts of the world in a country where manority of her citizens rarely eat three square meal in a day.


Should we then remain in political detention? Only time shall tell!

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist


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