Aljazeera Documentary: NO Nation Can Grow In Isolation Of Women – Omu Anioma




By Patrick Ochei


The cerebral and widely celebrated Omu Anioma and Nneoha, HRM Obi Martha Dunkwu has said that no nation can grow in isolation of women, advising that societies should endeavour to train women as instruments for the advancement of nationhood.


She made this assertion during a documentary interview with the Aljazeera media crew who had visited to do an exclusive on the Omu Institution vis-a-vis Anioma Culture.


Omu Dunkwu appraised the dexterity of women for standing up for what they believe in, especially Anioma women who have proven their freedom and independence in achieving their God given purpose on earth.


She said Anioma women are freer and more independent than western women, because of the foresightedness of their forebears who created the institution of the Omu about 822 years ago, thereby putting them ahead in women’s inclusion over and above their western counterparts.



Earlier, the well vast Omu Dunkwu had taken time to narrate the history of the Omu Institution including the efforts she had put in to promote, project and propagate the institution to the world.

Overwhelmed with joy, the Leader of the International Media Network’s crew, Miss Chisom Ifeakandu engaged Omu in series of questions bordering on the Omu Institution, the challenges, prospects and the institution’s contributions to the development of Anioma culture and value system.


The documentary which was carried out in two segments, had the crew featuring Omu Dunkwu while taking them on a guided tour of the Palace, making prayers at Ani (Sacred Ground) and water temple on the first day.


The documentary also featured the Omu of Obior, HRH Omu Onyebuchibe Okonkwo, Ochendo Omu of Ogwashi-Uku, Madam Edith Rafua, Aka-Omu of Okpanam, Chief Cecilia Ofuani, Omu Anioma’s Praise Singer, Mrs. Asoya, Traditional Assistant to Omu Anioma, Mrs. Rita Nwanze, Secretary to Omu Anioma, Mrs. Gloria Nnabuife, Media Consultant to Omu Anioma, Comrade Patrick Ochei and others.

Omamuzo Efidhere

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