Asekutu, Warri North LGA, Count Blessing Under Okowa’s Administration

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*Construction/Renovation of Schools *Construction/Commissioning of InternalRoads,*Construction/Commissioning of Walkway in Communities, *Completion/Commissioning of Ogheye Floating Market, *Job Creation *More Opportunities for Ijaws of Warri North, *Other Numerous Legacies *A pledge to support incoming Governor-elect, Oborevwori for MORE

As the countdown of the May 29, 2023 handover date for our amiable Governor, His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, draws near, I, Hon. Smart Yomi Asekutu, Executive chairman of Warri North Local Government Area, on behalf of the good people of the area, wish to use this occasion to formally and unanimously express our profound thanks and appreciation to the governor for all that he has done for us in his very eventful 8-years administration in the state.

We, the good people of Warri North have chosen to express our profound gratitude to His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa at this moment for two obvious reasons: First, we have carefully taken stock of the numerous dividends of democracy that have accrued to us as a people in the 8 years of his administration and we make bold to conclude with all sense of responsibility and honesty, that we are very much satisfied with his landmark legacies in our local government area. We shall count our blessings and name them one by one in the course of this advertorial.

Secondly, we have realized that, in spite of the very visible presence of Governor Okowa’s administration impact in all the 25 local government areas of the State, there are still some disgruntled elements who, having benefitted immensely from the projects, empowerment and job creation and prosperity for all agenda of the government, still criticize him. I have come out as the Executive chairman of Warri North Local Government Area, to dare say that it is wrong for such persons to criticize a man after benefitting from him. Therefore, as a beneficiary of the administration of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, I cannot keep silent and watch others who have equally benefitted from him, malign his person and run him down. This is not good. Governor Okowa has brought the dividends of democracy to the different parts and segments of the State, and we cannot be quiet having benefitted so much from his administration.

•Governor Okowa’s Administration Landmark Presence In Warri North•

It is on record that the Okowa’s administration constructed and commissioned several internal roads in Warri North, including the one in Ogbinbiri and Ogbudugbudu, the Iwere College road, the access road to Awaritse Industrial Park, the Obite-Ugbo road and Korobe road. There are also other roads that were constructed by Okowa’s administration through the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission, DESOPADEC. But more importantly, is the construction and commissioning of a network of walkways criss-crossing the entire Tsekelewu community. This has become the cynosure of all eyes, especially by visitors who come to the community. They marvel at the masterpiece that has greatly eased mobility among residents of the town. We thank the Governor profusely.

The Okowa’s administration also constructed, completed and commissioned a number of new schools including Alema Modern College located at Abigborordo, the home town of former governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, one at Tsekelewu amongst others. These also include the renovation and furnishing of several classroom blocks, administrative buildings, laboratories and staff quarters in secondary schools at Abigborodo, Tsekelewu, Oboghoro and Ogbinbiri communities. We thank him.

The construction of landing jetties in several riverine communities in Warri North also form the legacies of the administration of Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa for which the people of the area will remain eternally grateful to him.

We must not fail to also mention ongoing water borehole projects which have been awarded and are ongoing in several communities. In spite of the difficulties associated with our terrain, the project is receiving serious attention at the moment. We are indeed most profoundly grateful to Governor Okowa.

In the health sector, Gov. Okowa also within the past 8 years, has paid serious attention to the provision of primary health care by renovating health centres in Warri North Local Government Area. For this, we say thank you, Your Excellency.

•The Ogheye Floating Market Star Signature Project (First of its kind in W/Africa)

The multi-billion naira Ogheye floating market project which is first of its kind in the whole of West Africa, was constructed, completed and commissioned by the administration of His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa as a signature project. This riverine ultra-modern market has the capability of transforming Warri North Local Government Area into a commercial hub for all riverine communities in the South South and South West of Nigeria. The prospect of a booming economy and other associated opportunities are quite enormous. We remain eternally grateful for this landmark project.

•Job Creation for Warri North Youths

I make bold to say that the youths and people of Warri North Local Government Area are among the most privilege beneficiaries of Governor Okowa’s robust job creation programme which equipped not a few youths from the area in the acquisition of different skills and opportunities not only to become self-sufficient, but entrepreneurs and employers of labour. We thank him.

•Opportunity For An Ijaw Man To Become Chairman of The Local Government Council•

Before the emergence of Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa as governor of Delta State, whenever we described ourselves as Ijaws of Warri North Local Government Area, most people always asked: are there Ijaws in Warri North? It was that bad. But he came as a man who has gathered sufficient experience in the various strata of politics and public administration in the state and he is well informed with the scenario in Warri North. He decided to make an Ijaw man to be chairman of that Council. Apart from that, a lot of people, particularly our neighbours, also agreed that it was time for an Ijaw man to become the chairman of the Council. So, for putting a stop to what has over the years made us to look like aliens in the Local Government Area and giving us a sense of belonging, we thank him. Also, in his tenure, we were able to produce an executive director of project in DESOPADEC and several other appointments too numerous to mention. We thank him.

Even though as a people our needs are insatiable, but we must appreciate the governor on behalf of the people of Warri North, particularly the Ijaws of the Council Area for what he has done for us. We will not take this for granted. We are very much interested in living together in harmony and peace with our neighbours. The governor has put in place a template for peaceful co-existence for us in Warri North and we pray that we will sustain it and not abuse it.

I also want to use this opportunity to thank our royal father, HRM Ogiame Atuwatse III, the Olu of Warri kingdom, for his fatherly role to ensure that my administration of the Council is successful.

•Okowa’s Transparency And Honesty•

Governor Okowa has been very transparent and honest in dealing with people and having their interest at heart. He is a listening Governor who will never want to undermine the status of anyone he comes in contact with. And this is another aspect of his legacy which I can copiously testify to. For instance, I could remember I led a delegation of some Egbema stakeholders to see the governor, even when I was not yet a Council chairman, but he gave us attention and most of the issues we discussed in that meeting were looked into and we got result. Arising from that meeting, certain projects were approved by the Governor and they were executed immediately. So, I can say without fear of contradiction that Governor Okowa’s administration has been very opened and without discrimination.

•Okowa’s Respect For The Traditional Institution

Another unique legacies of Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa for which he is going to be remembered is his recognition and respect for the traditional institution across the state, including Warri North Local Government Area. In his eight year’s administration of the state, he maintained a very cordial relationship with the traditional rulers in all the 25 Local Government Areas of the State and this synergy between him and the monarchs greatly contributed to the enduring peace and development which Deltans have been enjoying in the past eight years.

His Choice of A Successor

Governor Okowa’s transparency and honesty was also copiously displayed in his choice of who will succeed him as he hands over in May 29, 2023. And that is why the man he supported for the governorship race, Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori emerged the winner of the governorship election, and has become the Governor-elect.


•Warri North LG Pledges Commitment To The Administration of The Incoming Governor, Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori

We the people of Warri North Local Government Area wish to pledge our unalloyed support for the incoming governor, Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori so that we can be part of the MORE programme which is a continuation of the good works of Gov. Okowa.

•Okowa’s God-fearing Disposition•

Gov. Okowa’s God-fearing disposition was aptly demonstrated in his eight year administration in the State. In every aspect of his.policies and decisions, he has been guided with the spirit of equity, fairness and justice. And he has been very committed to this aspect of his administration. And it is those who are not very comfortable with his commitment to the welfare of the people he is governing that accuse and criticize him. But his administration’s presence and impact is being felt everywhere across the three Senatorial zones of the state without neglect or discrimination. Warri North is a beneficiary of Okowa’s midas touch. And as he is bowing out of office on May 29, we cannot but say, Thank You, Your Excellency.

And it is on this note that I, on behalf of the people of Warri North, sincerely plead with all Deltans to allow His Excellency Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa take a bow out of office honourably, having served us exceptionally as a good and God fearing leader.

Signed: Hon. Smart Yomi Asekutu
Executive Chairman, Warri North Local Government Area


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