Atiku Will Sell Nigeria To UAE, Do Not Vote Him, N’Delta Militants’ Group Warns Voters

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*Directs all Niger Deltans to vote Tinubu


Ahead of Saturday Presidential election, the most Dreaded militant group in Niger Delta codes named Niger Delta Liberation Movement, has warned Nigerians to avoid casting their votes for the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) candidate,  Atiku Abubakar, alleging that he (Atiku) will sale Nigeria to United Arab Emirates.


In a statement issued on behalf of the Millant group through its spokesperson, Commander Amabiri Andabiri and made available to our correspondent, the militant lamented that the only thing that Atiku knows how to do all his life is to privitize Federal government agencies and become a shareholder to the detriment of Nigerians.


The militant group warned that Nigerians should not forget so soon the sins of Atiku when he was a vice president to his former boss, Olusegun Obasanjo, how he betrayed his boss throughout their administration.


The statement reads in parts; “For those who have forgotten whom Atiku is; we which to remind Nigerians, that Atiku does not mean well for us.


“Those accusing Tinubu of bringing Jonathan down are ignorant. Therefore, we want to state categorically that it was Atiku that brought Former president Jonathn down. You can imagine that, Atiku does not have any business in Nigeria, all his businesses are in Overseas; so what economy impact has he attracted to Nigeria?


“If you look at the history of Atiku, you will discover that he is not even a tipical Nigerian, moreover his brother is a Senator in Cameron; and that is why Atiku is not comfortable staying in Nigeria. These are facts our voters must know before casting their votes on Saturday.


“So for him to pick Ifeanyi Okowa as his Vice presidential candidate has worsened the whole situation because Okowa betrayed the Niger Delta people. The Southern Nigeria had agreed that power should shift amongst the South and North. And the northerners came to power through the Matra of Power shift by demanding the completion of Yar’adua’s tenure. And after ruling for eight years, they were still planning to move power to the North; but it’s unfair and ungodly; and Okowa knows this. Okowa hosted the Southern governors and there was an agreement that power should shift to South. But due to his (Okowa) nature of betrayal, he skimmed to be the Vice Presidential candidate to a Norherner.”


“To us, we are not comfortable with it  because the betraying blood is in Okowa and this is not the first time, Okowa is betraying us. We can tell you categorically that it was the Ijaw People that brought Okowa to power as Governor with their collective efforts when the then former Govenor Emmanuel Uduaghan was projecting one late Mr. Tony Obu and later David Edevbie. Uduaghan  was against Okowa and referred Obu to Edevbie and it was the Ijaw People that stroke a gentle man agreement with Okowa that ensure Okowa emerged the win of that PDP primaries and by extension governorship election’.

The statement further read; “Okowa promised to shift power to the Ijaw people which is the fourth largest ethnic group in Nigeria; but Okowa betrayed that gentel man agreement entered with Ijaw nations. So in Okowa’s political journey,  he has being a betrayal and for Atiku to choose a betrayal as his Vice Presidential candidate who also have tract record of borrowing anything possible in Delta state just like his boss (Atiku) therefore, we are not going to support him”.

“We hereby strongly direct all Niger Deltans, all valid voters to pull their weight behind Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu come Saturday Presidential election, and we vow to ensure that after the emergence of Tinubu, we will also make sure he (Tinubu) fulfills all electionerring promises and agitations of Niger Delta region in a short period.”


“Tinubu is a trust worthy person and God has blessed him with everything including long life; so he just want to come and improve the country for the best. That is why Tinubu is coming . This is not about party but about individual; Tinubu is a man richer than five country Presidents put together; so he is not coming to loot the country like the other man who is fond of privitization of government agencies at his selfish benefit. So we urged all electorates in Niger Delta not to waste their votes for Atiku. They should support Tinubu on Saturday”.

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist

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