Ebegba Charges UPU Youth Wing Leaders To Sheath Their Sword, Embrace Unity



In the bid to proffer a lasting solution to the crisis bedeviling the youth wing of the Urhobo Progress Union, The Director General, National Bio-Safety Management Agency, Chief Dr. Rufus Ebegba has charged UPU youth wing leaders to sheath their sword and embrace unity.


Chief Dr. Rufus Ebegba, President of Urhobo Progressive Union, Nyanya/Karo Chapter gave this charge recently at his residence in Abuja, while addressing some of the youth leaders who paid him a courtesy visit. He stated that, for Urhobo to be among the committee of nations, unity amongst the various youth leaders is sacrosanct.

According to the Urinrin of Evwreni kingdom, “It is time for everyone to come together. It is time to embrace unity and together with our collective efforts, Urhobo shall be great again. Soon we hope to see a better and United Urhobo youth wing by the grace of God.


“While I encourage Urhobo youth leaders to pursue positions of leadership at any level they must resist any action that will truncate the unity and peace that Urhobo youths enjoy across Delta Central. Separate politics from all activities of Urhobo Progressive Union as partisan politics is a cankerworm that can destroy the internal fabrics of Urhobo unity.

“I am passionate about the affairs of the youth wing and I am willing to give you my full support to see that we have a better and stronger Urhobo Progress Union youth wing soon. The clamour for ‘Urhobo Peace Summit’ should be taken seriously as it is the only panacea to ending all the issues threatening the unity of the Urhobo nation.”


Speaking on behalf of the UPU Youth Wing Youth leader Comrade Kelly Efemena Umukoro who was hosted last week by Chief Rufus Ebegba, Joseph Adjari, Secretary, Urhobo Progress Union Youth Wing, commended the effort of Dr. Rufus Ebegba in making sure that peace is restored in Urhobo nation, especially in the UPU Youth Wing.

Charles Nyerovwo Emuakpeje, Treasurer, Comrade Ovie Ebirere, and Miss Etaoghene Nancy, on their part, assured Ebegba of their cooperation in ensuring that unity and peace is embraced amongst the various youth leaders in Urhobo nation just as Comr. Happy Umukoro, Alex Agboguma, Comr. Praise Edoja, Ohwoharhohwo Etaoghene and Comr. Odiri young Akpodonor also appreciated the effort of the leader.

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist


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