Isuru Donates cash, notebooks to Ekiugbo Primary School, Says Education Is A Prerequisite For Development 

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Nyerhowo Isuru, team lead, Neroitech Inventions(NITI) has said that education is a prerequisite for any form of development.


Nyerhowo Isuru stated this recently while donating cash and notebooks to Ekiugbo Primary School in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State.

According to him, “Especially for our young people, you cannot excel in any chosen field of endeavour without appropriate education. Even if you want to go into business, adequate education is required in today’s business environment.



“You are expected to at least go to school to learn how to read and write or be prepared to be cheated during every business transaction with someone who knows your shortcomings. So education can never take the back burner as it is the panacea for economic productivity and opportunities.

“There is great difference between the educated and uneducated. Their mental efficiency is not the same this is the cause of inequality. Today it is believed that the country’s youth are unemployed and now negatively attracted to internet fraud.


“We need to invest in Education and Information Technology fast, because there is money to be made genuinely online . It is time to provide students with the necessary opportunities of information technology even from elementary to tertiary education. ”

While receiving the cash and notebooks, Agbroko O. Janet, Head Teacher, Ekiugbo Primary School, said the donated notebooks will go a long way to help the students whose parents could not afford to buy the books required for their level of study. “I feel very happy today. I don’t know how to express my joy because what some of the students have to write with are nothing but books donated by you and other well meaning Nigerians or organisations.


“These notebooks will go a long way to help the students study easier especially with exams around the corner. Primary School is the foundation of education and needs support through well designed development programmes.” She said.


Earlier while addressing the well over 200 students, Odjada Aghogho, Business Consultant, Neroitech Inventions(NITI) advised the students to focus on what has lasting legacy. “Do not imitate the supposed big boys today in town who are using wrong means internet fraud, Yahoo plus to make money. Whatever that you see them enjoying are temporary enjoyment of sin.


“In order for you to enjoy success that brings lasting legacy, you have to go to school so that when the opportunity present itself for a juicy job, appointment or contract you can be chosen. I want to let you know that school pays. I have certificates from PTI and FUPRE, I have different companies calling me every time for job offers. Education puts good food on my table today.”


Engr. Paul Omadevuae, Business Consultant, Neroitech Inventions(NITI) advised the students to see the free notebooks provided as an opportunity to learn better. “Take your education seriously and make good use of the free notebooks provided because it will go a long way to make you better citizens tomorrow.


“See it as an opportunity to learn better because the best legacy you can ever get from your parents, well meaning Nigerians, Neroitech is education. School is not Scam. Parents should do their best to correct this notion because it is a growing trend in the society today.

“Government schools especially primary schools are really lacking basic amenities, in some of the schools we have been to, students sit on the floor, not enough desk, so I am appealing to the councillors to help us draw the governor’s attention to this fact since they are In the corridor of power. And when government disburse money for the purpose of providing amenities to the schools/students they should try and channel such money to the appropriate quarters because we want the students to become better people in the future. ”


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