Nigeria@60: IMG Chides Government, Tasks Leaders On People Centric Innovations



The Isoko Monitoring Groups, IMG has lambasted successive Nigerian governments – military and democratic – for their inability to establish a formidable foundation and build a befitting country for all Nigerians to call home from 1960 that the country gained independence till date.


In a press release signed by its spokesperson, Dr. Kingsley Oroh, IMG noted that all Nigerian governments have failed to establish critical infrastructure, power and other basic systems that encourages growth, development and make life worth the while for citizens across the country. It added that criminal aggrandizement, embezzlement and mismanagement of public funds for self glorification have been the hallmark of Nigerian leadership.


The Group called on all political, religious and other critical leaders to devote their time, energy and resources in building people-centric innovations for the advancement of Nigeria as the country progresses in age.


The statement reads in part: “We wish to congratulate the Isoko people, Deltans and all Nigerians on the attainment of Nigeria’s 60th Independence Anniversary. The celebration of our country sixth birthday calls for a true reflection on our national design process over the years.


“Successive leadership at all levels from 1960 till date have done less than average to build a thriving country for all citizens. Every leader came on board with one motive – takes from the system for self aggrandizement. This has led us into the pitiable state we found ourselves as a country at 60.


“As we move forward, all political, religious and other important leaders must embrace selfless and holistic designs, thinking and actions that would ultimately drive people oriented innovations, so that we can build a country that all Nigerians can be proud of.


“Covid-19 negative impacts have left many citizens side-lined and broken, but inclusive integration is possible when leaders take people centric approaches. The government at all levels, must focus their service on her citizens by creating enabling environment for national prosperity, security of lives and prosperity as well as development of motherland.


“Empathy should be our leaders’ watchword; these are times for leaders in general to empathize with their citizen by removing some of the harsh conditions brought by COVID-19. God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Happy 60th Anniversary!”

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist

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