Ogbimi Harps On Unity, Love, Togetherness



……..As Isoko North PDP Women Leader dedicates Baby.


By Ovedhe Jerry Hezekiah-Isoko.


Hon Jude Omena Ogbimi, member representing Isoko North Constituency at the Delta State House of Assembly, has harped on the need for members of Peoples Democratic Party in Isoko North and Isoko nation to remain united in order to achieve success in the party.


Hon Ogbimi stated this during the dedication of Destiny Afemare, son of Isoko North PDP Women Leader, Mrs Precilia Afemare at Ozoro, headquarters of Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State, urging all party faithfuls within Isoko North Constituency to jettison discrimination and selfish interest for the party to achieve success in forthcoming elections.

In his words; “Today I am here, because of a great woman. A grassroot mobilizer, and a woman who has a great personality. Your son that I carried this afternoon has a gift and you have to groom him to be what God has destined for him.


“We as PDP members in Delta state, have to be grateful to the Governor we have today, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa. In the midst of turbulent times, we are seeing different things:huge projects in all corners of the state. During my campaign, his promises to us as indigenes of Isoko North, I think no one has ever matched it, so we owe our allegiance to him. Don’t let anyone deceive you. Yes, in politics you can collect money from anyone but don’t sell your conscience.


“We have to be united to achieve greater heights. In Isoko, there is so much bitterness, we should always preach love to one another, We should also de-emphasize the issue of this is Owhe, Ozoro, Emevor, e.t.c. I don’t subscribe to that. We are all from Isoko and in my tenure and as long as I live, I am a representative of Isoko North. I don’t represent Owhe, Ozoro, Emevor but the whole of Isoko North.


“In this my tenure, everything that is due to Isoko North will be apportioned accordingly. Don’t look at me as Jude Ogbimi but judge me by the content of my character. If I fail tomorrow then I have failed my generation. I want to do things that our children and the next generation unborn will be proud of I don’t want you to call me names or praise me. When i do something wrong, be free to criticize me. I don’t use money to buy favours. I do things because I am a Christian and because I want to follow the path of God.


“PDP should be seen as love because APC today is seen as hate. Our fathers here can testify that we have never seen a regime in Nigeria as bad as this Buhari’s administration. We are scared of the way things are going now, even the children we have, we don’t know what the future holds in stock for them. We owe ourselves the responsibility of unity, togetherness, love and following God’s path.


He further stated that; “Hypocrisy is the biggest blight of the Christian faith” we should not be seen as hypocrites. We should be seen as people who want the betterment of Isoko. The women are in charge of the world. With them, the party will be stronger, the right things will be done and we will be able to put our children on the right path.


“Like I said earlier, PDP is our party. It does not belong to one man, it belongs to all of us and it is we that can build it together and make it stronger. The Governor is our arrow head and we must work in line with his vision. Like I promised you earlier, the women and the youths are my priority.


“Like the Master of Ceremony said earlier, what is within my capacity I will do, and in my private capacity also. I have friends that are capable in helping out. With the situation in the country today, we all know we have dwindling resources. Our resources have dwindled so much in the last couple of years, which puts a lot of pressure on the government, but with God all things are possible. I pray God Almighty to bless each and everyone of us, let’s make our hearts pure and live in the right path of God.” Hon Ogbimi concluded.

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist


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