Olomu/Effurun-Otor Political Elites forum Leaders, Condemns Protest Against Izeze



…Says Izeze’s Appointment, Well Deserved

By Sunday Apah


The people of Olomu and Effurun-Otor in Ughelli South Local Government Area under the aegis of Olomu/Effurun-Otor Political Elite Forum after due consultation with their political leaders and stakeholders in their area have condemned in strong terms, protest against the nomination of Hon. Reuben Izeze as commissioner designate by Governor Sheriff Oborevwori.


The people in a statement signed on their behalf by Chief John Ewenede, Chairman and Olorogun Samuel Oghotomo, Secretary, disassociated themselves and the entire people of Olomu/ Effrun-otor kingdoms from the protest organized by certain misguided acclaimed political actors purportedly drawn from Ewu axis against the nomination of Izeze.


According to the statement, “we have been reliably informed that the planned protest sponsored by certain faceless/acclaimed political actors from Ewu kingdom was carried out earlier today, 24th July, 2023 and to be repeated on 25th July, 2023 at Asaba, the Delta State Capital.


“Ordinarily, we would have chosen to ignore the protest, but we deemed it necessary to do this public condemnation because of the fact that the protest has the potential to disrupt the existing political harmony that has bonded the different clans and kingdoms in the Local Government area.


“The concern we have about the protest is that it would set a dangerous precedence as to the prerogative of the Governor to nominate persons whom he considers credible, knowledgeable and experienced to form his cabinet.


“Constitutionally, His Excellency, the Governor has the unalienable right and prerogative to select and appoint any person, including non-natives of the state into his cabinet who he believes has the capacity to contribute in the management of the affairs of the state.


“In this case, Izeze is an indigene of Ughievwen clan in the Local Government Area and is eminently qualified for the position appointed. Secondly, we are of the view that the Ughievwen axis from where Honourable Izeze hails from has the inalienable right to be considered for appointment of her indigenes as it is a part of the Ughelli South Local Government Area.


“Also, the protest could pose a significant risk to public safety, infringe upon the rights of others, and disturb the tranquility of Asaba and its environs as the sponsors are not known politically. Any breakdown of law and order could be disastrous to manage because the sponsors of the protest are not known and the outcome may not be accountable.


“While we recognize that differing opinions and perspectives are fundamental to a diverse society, we cannot endorse or support any actions that may incite violence, damage property, or disrupt the existing political harmony of the Ughelli South Local Government Area. As a Forum, we have always strongly advocated for open dialogue, understanding, and empathy as the means to address differences and find common ground in pursuit of collective progress. Any attempt to undermine the principles of non-violence and mutual respect erodes the very essence of democracy that we strive to uphold.


“For the purposes of clarity, Ewu is an autonomous kingdom, their evil protest should not be link to Olomu kingdom and should not be used by political jobbers to blackmail political leaders in Olom/Effrun-Otor kingdoms.


“In light of these concerns, we sincerely urge all stakeholders vested and interested on issues of political appointments in the Local Government Area to kindly direct their questions on the sponsors of the protest and indeed the entire class of Ewu political leaders.


“In the meantime, we urge them to stop their decision to hold this protest and instead seek alternative methods of voicing their grievances or concerns constructively.


“We also call upon the authorities to ensure the safety and security of all citizens during this period in Asaba, the state capital to protect public and private properties from potential damage, and to uphold the rule of law without bias or prejudice.


“Finally, the Olomu/Effurun-Otor Political Forum seize this opportunity to once again congratulate our amiable Governor on his election and to assure him of our usual strong support for him and his administration’s M.O.R.E agenda.


“While also placing on record that we wholeheartedly welcome the appointment of Mr. Reuben Izeze as Commissioner-Designate and assure that he would bring to bear his knowledge and experience in the new assignment”, it added.

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist


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