Ughelli Day of Prayers: Disregard The Rumours I Am Alive-Oharisi III



..It is time for the wealth of this nation to come back to the south-Enakirerhi



The Ovie of Ughelli Kingdom, HRM Evang. (Dr.) Wilson Ojakovo Oharisi III has charged descendants and residents of the kingdom to disregard the malicious rumour of his death and secret burial being peddled about by face-less rumour mongers.


Oharisi III gave this charge recently during the 9th edition of Ughelli Day of Prayers and Thanksgiving, with the theme ‘God is Able’ held on Saturday and Sunday at the township stadium and Royal Palace Church, Ovie palace Otovwodo respectively. According to him, “there is no fear about the state of my health I only underwent major corrective surgery and by the grace of God the first and second surgery was successful.

“But by the time I got back home different rumours were already flying about of my supposed death and secret burial with few family members in attendance. I don’t know where they got their information from that I am no more alive yet I am alive by the grace of God. I am the happiest person today because God has disappointed the devices of the crafty, so that their hands could not perform their enterprise. I am not dying any time soon but I will live to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for me.


“The importance of the Ughelli Day of Prayers and Thanksgiving cannot be over emphasized because God has done so much for me and the kingdom since we handed over the kingdom to him. Any church, chief, Ughelli descendants, towns/villages, residents, associations, corporate organizations yet to participate my advice to them is that they should key into the programme because God is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think.” He said

In his address earlier, President of Ughelli Day of Prayers and Thanksgiving, Bishop (Dr.) Kingsley Enakirerhi speaking on the theme of the 9th edition ‘God is Able’ said that they believe God is able to heal and bless Ughelli and its environs more than they can ask or think. “The dividends of the annual prayers are evident among us. The day is glorious look at the weather it is supposed to rain but the rain is waiting for when we leave to fall.


“All the revolution we are crying for is starting from Ughelli because this is the largest oil producing place in the region. It is time for us to have sky scrapper buildings Abuja have it do they have oil, Lagos what do they have there so it is time for the wealth of the nation to come back to the South. Niger-Deltans must enjoy that is what Ughelli prayer is all about. All our stolen resources must come back to us that is why we are here that is why we say God is able.


Continuing The Chairman of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Delta State Chapter said “What guns and armed men, House of Assembly, Representative, Senators and Governors cannot do the God of heaven and earth, equity, justice and fairness is going to do it and those saying no to the restructuring in this nation he is going to bury them. They are trying to pass bill to silence everybody, to take our land, water, our wives and children then we will become goats in our own country no it is not right the time has come for the citizens to rule the country not the politicians ruling us because we gave them power. It is time to take power back from them.”


The Archbishop of Gods Will Mission, Solomon Gbakara who was the Guest Speaker charged the people of Ughelli Kingdom to faithfully reconnect with God to see his glory in the land.

Gbakara taking his Bible reading from the books of Mark 5:1-10 and Genesis 49:19 held that whatever that is impossible with man is possible with God and the people of Ughelli should reconnect with the Almighty God to experience his greatness in the land


“The man with an unclean spirit ran and worshipped Christ and he was delivered. Ughelli kingdom has suffered so much and has vowed to reconnect with their creator with a strong desire to depart from old things has not helped us as a people. We understand that through the cross, Satan was conquered forever, therefore as a servant of the most high I stand to degree and declare that healing and breakthrough has come to the kingdom.”

Country Manager of Esobito Halawani Foundation Non-Governmental Organization, Imuedo Odesiri Onisuru stated that they were partnering with Ughelli Day of Prayers and Thanksgiving because of common interest. “In spite of the pandemic God is still at work in the affairs of men. We are here as a foundation to join hands with the Ovie to make sure that those fasted and prayed have water and biscuit to break their fast.

“I thank God for protecting our king there was a lot of rumours but I thank God for keeping him hale and hearty. I want to use this medium to task every individual to key into this programme as there is grace the bible says prayer answers all things and I assure you your life and business will never remain the same.”

Omamuzo Efidhere

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