Egbenedo, Abela, Emumejaye, Oserivwoja, Atiku,  Oduoh And Others Inaugurated As Oguname Community Executives 




The serene Oguname, Community, Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State came alive recently when the community inaugurated  Michael  Egbenedo; President General , Abela Oghenefejiro  Sylvester; Vice President General, Hon Emumejaye Felix; Secretary, Mitaire Oserivwoja; Asst. Secretary, Atiku Stanley; P.R.O,  Goodluck  Oduoh; Financial Secretary to lead Oguname Community for the next four years.


It was jubilation galore at the town hall of Oguname Community, venue of the event as top government officials, politicians, businessmen/women and religious leaders converged to witness the  handing over ceremony.  Also sworn in  are ,Ogaga Odiwhoro ; Youth Chairman, Onisha Oyibo; Adviser, Onajite Ogoro; Adviser, Andrew Omughele; Treasurer, Erhinyodavwe Isaac ; Adviser, Abu Jonah; Publicity Secretary.


In his address,  the  President General,  Michael  Egbenedo thanked the people of Oguname for selecting him and his executives. In his words, “We are indeed happy that the town saw us fit enough to rule the community. By God’s grace we will push ahead and do what is expected of us. We will leave this community higher than the way it is now. By the time we get half term, there is going to be a tremendous change. Everybody is going to notice it and we will have cause to give God all the glory.’


Mr Abela Oghenefejiro  Sylvester;  Vice President General, made a promise to the people that they will give the community a new lift  “I appeal to the elders, sons and daughters of the community to stand by us and work with us so that we can pilot the affairs of oguname community successfully.  Please do not hesitate to chip in that good advise that will help achieve our community development goals quickly.


“We will Maintain peace and unity within us the indigene and the strangers that are living with us because right from time in this community, we have always taken the strangers as our  brothers and sisters and we will keep on doing that to achieve a better future.”


Hon Emumejaye Felix; Secretary, while fielding questions from newsmen said,  “I am indeed very grateful and want to specially thank my elders, brothers and sisters, the women, the youth for their cooperation. They made sure that the swearing in ceremony was very peaceful and by God’s grace we are going to work quietly, strategically and make sure we attract and drag development to his great community in no time.”

On his part, Mitaire Oserivwoja; Asst. Secretary stated that, “I feel great today for being part of the Executive that will lead Oguname to a greater height I feel happy and I am ready to deliver my own part as in indigene of Oguname Community in the next four years. I am also appealing to the people to cooperate with the new Executives, they are not perfect, anytime you discover that we are going off track in any area, call us politely and point out the error to us. I believe the new executive will leave up to the task ahead.”


Shortly after the ceremony, Speaking For the Adjafia family, Chief Jerry Eferpokrire JP,  said that, “today is a very glorious day. The fact  that I am alive to witness my own family producing an executive President General and Assistant Secretary of Oguname Community is unprecedented.


“Our prayers is that this our new executives, God will guide them, give them the  wisdom and the blessing to go out there and bring big/Good development to this community that is our prayers for them and beside that, Oguname Community is the Centre of Development of Olomu  Kingdom. We encourage strangers to come and do their business in Oguname because we are very peaceful people,  we love strangers.”


While administering the oath of office earlier, Lucky Office Ojakovo; Community/Family Spokesman stated that “I give all thanks to God Almighty because a bonafied son of Adjafia family is being sworn in as President General same day Tinubu is being sworn in as President of Nigeria.  I must say that God has done all things well and I believe by his Grace a new wave of development will come to  this community.


“God will guide him to rule well even above those that have gone before him so that his name will be etched in the sand of times. We will all join hands to make him a good  PG.”

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist

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