I Will Make Laws That Will Benefit My Constituency-lucky Idhoveh 


I Will Make Laws That Will Benefit My Constituency-lucky Idhoveh 


Lucky Idhoveh is the Delta State House of Assembly Candidate of Social Democratic Party (SDP) Isoko South Constituency 1.

The Political Science Graduate of Delta State University, Abraka is an Administrative Manager with over two decades experience.

Lucky Idhoveh is one of the most visible advocates of death of godfathers in Nigeria politics.

In this interview with Omamuzo Efidhere, he speaks on the heat generated by political godfathers during the primaries in Isoko Nation, his mission and style of governance if elected.


Can We Meet You?

I am Lucky Idhoveh a native of Oleh, in Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State. I have a BSc in Political Science from Delta State University Abraka.

I have been working with a construction company For over 20 years I am an Admin manager, and I have been in politics since 1999. I was made the youth leader of the Local Government, then a factional party chairman of the Local Government during the fallout between Uduaghan & Obielum. I have been a member of PDP till recently when I left for SDP.  I was a leader in PDP, but after the last primary elections  I had to leave PDP for SDP because of what transpired. Isoko North has held the House of Representatives position for good straight 20 years and we all decided prior to the primaries that the position should go to Isoko South, but when it was time, they shamelessly manipulated it and gave it back to the servant, a stooge of the former House of Representative member. That was just our annoyance so we left PDP to SDP to make sure that the position comes back to Isoko South as should be.

But SDP Lost Out To PDP ?

I cannot say we lost out. I can never say, I can never agree to that, we did not lose we won fair and square, I know and I believe that via the courts, Fineboy the man from Isoko South will be sworn in.


How Is That Going To Be Possible, When The Results State That You Came Third?

By going through legal proceedings not violence or so because I know the court will prove us right on what we are arguing for.


So Why Are You Running For House Of Assembly?

Simply put I know the pains of my people, I am running now also because I want to change the narrative of if you have a political godfather, you will be there even if you don’t know the pains of the people you will be there, they will just put you there, write your name and put you there. More than ever before, today I want to run to change that narrative that if you don’t have a godfather, you cannot be there. No, for some time now you will see the leaders on top, they will bring their PA to come and contest, you like it or not, they will say party is supreme.

The political leader on top who manipulated the party primaries is still bringing his stooge to come and contest for house of assembly. His choice candidate has been there for seven good years as a youth leader with nothing good to write home abou. He cannot say publicly this is what I have done for my constituency as a state youth leader. He has not done anything and his godfather wants to still bring him to come and represent us no that can never happen under my watch. Isoko South Constituency 1, which comprises Oleh, Emede and Irri can no longer tolerate the heat generated by the political leaders. Enough to handpicked stooge, poor  leadership and economic hardship.

What Should The People Expect From You, Why Should They Vote For You? 

They should vote for me because I am capable of representing them well. when I get there I will make laws that will benefit my constituency. I have impacted lives by giving out empowerment to some people, I assist the needy mostly the common man here,  the little I have  I use it to assist. There are people I pay their fees and bills on monthly basis. As a youth leader I served my people, the party meritoriously then even in my community the same thing. During the flood I went round the senatorial district, the whole Isoko South distributing food items. Even if I did not do it alone, I was part of the team that gave the victims food items, drugs, toiletries and money to alleviate the sudden sufferings. It was on news AIT, Channels, NTA with that I believe they know that they can trust me that anything that will be allocated to me will not be misused. I will spread it across. Like I have been telling them during my campaigns,  I will always hold town hall meeting with my constituents from time to time, I will ask them what do you want , I am not going to tell them that this is what I will do for you, no I will tell them what we are lacking in our constituency then we will put our heads together, we will decide what  community A,B and C should have per time, we will discuss it together. I am not going to do it by myself alone, it is going to be done collectively.

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist


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