If YouVote For APC Things Will Change-Umukoro


……let us change the narrative of Ughelli North so that everyone can be a benefactor-Edijana


Comrade Happy Igho Umukoro, Councillorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) has charged the electorate of Ward 14, Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State to vote for APC if they want things to change, expressing optimism that the party would be victorious come March 6, 2021.

Happy Igho Umukoro, gave this charge recently at his campaign flag off ceremony held in Ekiugbo, he said “we can no longer accept the culture of the unacceptable in governance please vote for APC so that we can sweep Ughelli North Local Government Area clean because it is so dirty. It is time to launch innovative legislative representation and good governance in DSIEC Ward 14- Ekiugbo, Inene, Ighwremaro communities and over bridge quarters (Omotor, Arumala, Osia, Adagharagba, Awhinawhi, Emekpa)

“development that government brings to various communities have not been seen or felt these past years but if you vote for APC things will change various roads that the local government is supposed to construct or maintain if we are voted in we will do them water project is under my jurisdiction how much does it cost to drill bore holes? I can do it so clean water that our fathers and mothers are supposed to drink so that they do not fall ill all the time will be provided.


“If you want quality education, please let us vote for APC how much does it cost to buy note books that will be given to primary and secondary school children free? What about good health care system, these are small projects that the local government council can take care of even if the state fail to do so. I know for a fact that my capacity, capability chairman and the capable councillors will do great things if voted for.


“Some people say the original result will not be sent to the LGA that is a lie this election is going to be unusual results will be sent so come out and vote APC. The Deputy Senator President, Ovie Omo-Agege has said we should not be afraid that the results sheets will be brought out so let everyone come out on the 6th of March 2021 if you come out vote for APC. APC will be victorious nobody can say results will be written from Asaba.” He said

Chairmanship candidate of APC Hon. Mrs. Ese Gloria Edijana while presenting the party flag to Comrade Happy Igho Umukoro, said the era of going to the council to get what you can then leave is over. “For the past years it has been only one party ruling Ughelli North and all that is there to show are abandoned projects, council struggling to pay salaries, no good roads, no water projects, no standard school projects or better health care facilities.


“Pension funds and loans for our mothers to trade have all been hijacked and diverted they go about saying no money yet they are buying all the waterways, swampy areas in town where is the money coming from? If we keep doing one thing over and over again we will keep getting the same results we can no longer continue like that. We no longer want to remain in the same spot we want to move forward so that things will change.

“There are many things we will do and everyone will smile. This is not the era of I am going to the council to get what I can get and leave no let us change the narrative of Ughelli North so that everybody can be a benefactor of what is coming from the council. We want to make sure that we make a difference, our agenda is on economic growth, education, security, social welfare/citizen welfare, we want to have elders, women and youths that is representatives from the seven kingdoms in the council so that when we want to discuss the progress of Ughelli North it will not be the councilors and the chairman alone because the people have a say in what is going on in the community and council.


“They say is it that small girl that wants to become local government chairman and I ask is it by size because the Goliath’s that has been there what have they done? Nothing don’t you know that if David enter there things will change? God created man and woman and for over 20 years a woman has not be given opportunity to rule apart from Grace Odili who was a caretaker committee chairman she was appointed this one I did primary and won now I am coming for election and I will win nobody can change it. This time around try APC try a woman you know how the woman is, when a woman say it is like this that is how it will be.”

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist


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