JUNE 12: Ukodhiko Charges Citizens To Be Optimistic In A New Nigeria



By Ajiri-Oghene Oreh


As the nation marks this year’s democracy day, the PDP House of Representatives candidate for Isoko Federal Constituency, Pastor Jonathan Ukodhiko has appealed to Nigerians to embrace unity, and be optimistic in a better Nigeria.


Ukodhiko gave the charge in a statement commemorating democracy day celebration at his country home, urging the “Political class to imbibe the democratic principles and ideals which is all about the people, Chief MKO Abiola lived, stood for, fought for and died for”


He stated that, “Despite the many harrowing experiences we have had as a people, Surviving the many tornadoes that assaulted the Nation, we still have cause to celebrate this year’s democracy day”


“As a people, let’s hold on to the sanguine thread, no matter how thin, the ugly situation we are faced with shall pass away”.

“Yes, it is still possible to have a new Nigeria where there is social justice, prosperity and security, where we can live in peace and happiness “


“But then, In our quest for a new nation, i must appeal to all Nigerians to take seriously next year’s general election, first by registering to get their PVCs that would enable them to elect credible leaders of idealogy and goodwill”


“I am aware many Nigerians have lost faith and hope in our electoral process and system. But we should not be discouraged. Yes, we need to mobilize and change the tide for good, ” Ukodhiko added.

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist


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