Many Injured, Houses Destroyed In Obubu Community Over Leadership Tussle




Over five persons have been confirmed injured and houses damaged in Obubu Community in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State over alleged illegal swearing in of one Mr. Victor America by Bishop Duke Ovie Akpososo and his cohorts as leaders of the community.


One of the candidates for the position of President of the community, Mr. Abotu Felix Ovuakporaye in the company of women, youths and elders, took journalists round the community for on the spot assessment of the destroyed property and said it was Bishop Akpososo who allegedly brought thugs to the community in his bid to forcefully install one Mr. Victor America as the President of the community.


He noted that Obubu Community had four quarters and that it was the turn of Uduvwushevi to produce the community president, adding that as a result, three persons, himself (Mr. Abotu Felix Ovuakporaye), Mr. Victor America and Mr. Arthur Ojiji indicated interest for the president position.


According to him, “after the indication of interest, the community was factionalised, with one of the factions led by Bishop Akpososo, vowing to force his choice candidate on the community when he knows that his candidate was not qualified, unpopular and can’t scale screening.


“It was these glaring facts that made Bishop Akpososo stormed the community on Saturday morning with hundreds of thugs, seized the oldest man and illegally swore in Mr. Victor America as the community president when the tenure of the present executive led by Mr. Lucky Evuetapha has not expired.”


He noted that when youths of the community tried to resist them, the thugs unleashed mayhem on them and started destroying properties of those perceived to be in opposition to their decision and at the end, five persons, including Mr. Shaka Vayevun, were seriously injured.

He added that “it was Bishop Akpososo, the present President of the community, Mr. Lucky Evuetapha and the youth leader that wanted to force Mr. America on the people of the community in order for him to allegedly cover up their illegal sales of over 60 acres of land belonging to the community.


He lamented that the President General of the Union of Udu Communities, Chief Godwin Notoma, who foresaw the imminent crises, appealed to the faction of Bishop Akpososo and that of Arthur Ojiji to step down and allow other candidates not loyal to any faction to emerge, but it seemed the advice fell on deaf ear, as Bishop Akpososo allegedly boasted that it was not the first time he was challenging the decision of the king and UUC.


Mr. Abotu Felix Ovuakporaye appealed to Chairman of Udu Local Government Council, Chief Jite Brown, and the President General of the Union of Udu Communities, Chief Godwin Notoma, not to relent in their efforts in ensuring that peace returned to the community.


He noted that it was the alleged maladministration of the current president of the community, Mr. Lucky Evuetapha, that led to the crises between the community and Oleri Community which resulted in the destruction of about 27 houses few months into his administration.


“He is trying to repeat same thing, this time within members of the community before he will leave office on May 22, 2023,” he added.


When contacted for response to the allegations, Bishop Duke Akpososo, said he was not present when Mr. America was allegedly sworn in on Saturday morning.


When asked why would someone be sworn in when the tenure of the current president was yet to expire, he said Mr. Lucky Evuetapha stepped aside due to pressure in order for the swearing to hold.


In response to UUC role in the tussle, Akpososo said the role of UUC on the issue was minimal and had no right to interfere, adding that recent meetings summoned by the President of UUC, Chief Notoma, showed that he was already biased.


Akpososo agreed that money realised from sales of land were paid into his personal account on the permission of members of the community.

On his part, Chairman of Udu Local Government Council, Chief Jite Brown, appealed for calm as the issue would be addressed.

Omamuzo Efidhere

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