NILOWV Calls For Immediate Judicial Investigation Into Killings Of Unarmed ENDSARS Protesters



LEAGUE of Women Voters of Nigeria, NILOWV, has called for immediate judicial investigation into killings of unarmed ENDSARS protesters so as to bring those who authorized such actions to book.


NILOWV, in a statement by its President, Dr. Esther Uduehi said: “We urge the government to promptly seek out those who remotely or otherwise ordered and authorized the carrying out of the murder. We demand that their identity be promptly made public and appropriate punishment be metered to them according to law.”

The statement read in parts “We join other NGOs and Civil Society Organizations to express our total condemnation of the Black Tuesday attack, injury and massacre of unarmed young protesters at the Lekki Tollgate axis, Lagos by uniformed Military/Police personnel. (CCTV Videos and TV interviews have shown and proven so).


“The League of Women Voters of Nigeria (NILOWV) Spread throughout all the 36 Stated of Nigeria and the FCT stands behind Nigerian Youths,  and condemns the killings and disruptions of Unarmed Youth Protesters by uniformed personnel who are paid and maintained by the Tax Payers’ money.

“The unarmed youths’ protestors were carrying the Nigerian flag singing the National Anthem when they were being fired at by uniformed military personnel, leading to the death and injury of many protestors. These youths were peacefully calling for good governance and an end to police brutality which is their fundamental human right.

“For the first time, this country witnessed a national protest that was harmless, spontaneous and like a movement that cut across all sphere of the people, groups and professionals of this country in the first days and all that Government needed to do was to provide protection for the Protesters as is the case in most civilized and Democratic Societies.


“NILOWV is amazed that the democratically elected President of Nigeria who was elected by these same youths and the women generally did not address the youths nor take actions in time to prevent the avoidable deaths. The League is calling for an immediate cease fire against unarmed protestors; the youths should be allowed to continue with their peaceful protest which is a constitutional right under any democratic government.

“What they were protesting against as stated in their demands are all in line with the wishes of all honest and progressive people of this country who have been suffering in silence. For days, these Youths sacrificed themselves in the protest for the entire people of this country who have been suffering in silence.

“The protest was very peaceful and harmless. If Government had taken steps to provide early Security for the peaceful protesters, the protest would not have been hijacked by hoodlum’s days after to cause the chaos that was witnessed in some States.”

The statement added: “We frown at the destruction of properties and public assets in Lagos and other States. And as mothers, we beg our youths to refrain from such retaliated actions. Burning or destruction of private and public properties are not useful revolutionary actions, but will only complicate the post COVID-19 economy impoverishment.

“NILOWV as an organization that advocates for good governance and promotes voters’ registration and rights nationwide, call on all our young protesters to please make sure they all register and get their voters cards ready to elect good leaders and a better government come 2023.

“NILOWV stands with Nigerian youths who have made their voices heard peacefully and mourn those killed in the struggle. We condole with the families of the bereaved and the Nation at large. We must preserve our democracy and state that our Youths are our tomorrow.

“NILOWV restates our call for peaceful dialogue with the youths as we implore all meaningful Nigerians and those in authority to please stop the attacks on the youth and bring those responsible for the killings to book lawfully.

“We urge our youths to keep calm, remain peaceful, be law abiding and desist from any act of vandalism remembering that any destruction of public properties is a loss and at cost to all, including themselves.”

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist

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