2024: Ughelli North Economy Cannot be managed by someone who lacks requisite experience in Administration



The for – most Ughelli North People’s Democratic party PDP Chairmanship Aspirant, Engr. Mathew Onokpasa has affirms that the economy of the Ughelli North local government cannot be managed by someone who lacks the requisite experience in governance and leadership.


He said this while speaking in an interview with Media Practitioners on Saturday at Ughelli recently.


The Ughelli North Chairmanship hopeful, Onokpasa explained how criucial the economy of the Ughelli North is to the state while reiterating that he is the most qualified of all the Aspirants, adding that he has both private and public experience to move the local government forward to the next level.


What have you done in your own life, what is the pedigree, and what experience are you bringing to the table? What level of knowledge do you have that this job entails? What are your previous roles?” he asked.


He explained that local government administration affects the local economy and certainly should not be left for try and error activity. It is not driven by emotion.


Onokpasa said I will not make reference to any of my fellow aspirants, but we know our selves in the field of labour market, governance is not by emotions, nor friendship and not by buying of fake results just to meet criteria to run for elected positions, do you have the brains, Onokpasa ask ?


While trying to compare his achievement with any of the other Aspirants, he said at age, and before now he had traveled far and near, he left Centry Capital as Director of Originations , overseeing business development and expansion of MSMEs.; prior to then, he had also developed competence and capacity in very strong structured work environment.

Engr. Onokpasa appeals for supports and Votes. Also worthy of note is that he has made impact in various endeavours and a worthy role model .

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist


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