Ughelli Day Of Prayers: Monarch Says The  Vision Is Growing From Strength To Strength , Advice Other KingdomsTo Set Up Prayer Day




The Ovie of Ughelli Kingdom, HRM Evang. (Dr.) Wilson Ojakovo Oharisi III has said the vision of Ughelli Day Of Prayers,Thanksgiving introduced twelve years ago to release the kingdom from the grips of armed robbers, ancient evil covenants, curses and their effect, is growing from strength to strength with tremendous success.



Oharisi III stated this recently during the 12th edition of Ughelli Day of Prayers and Thanksgiving, with the theme ‘Ebenezer’ held on Saturday and Sunday at Oharisi Primary School and Royal Palace Church, Ovie palace Otovwodo respectively. According to him, “I am very delighted because the prayer day has come to stay. In fact I feel happy because God has been too faithful, he has answered our prayers and healed our land. Today is the 12th edition of Ughelli Day Of Prayer and Thanksgiving and the vision is growing from strength to strength.


“My Prayer daily is that aside the day of Prayers and Thanksgiving organised by the kingdom once in a year, indigene and residents should serve God from the bottom of their hearts daily. Those who are not serving God yet, should do so, repent and serve God, you and your household. Serving God pays that is why I also want to advise other kingdoms and communities around to set up their own prayer day.



“God has been blessing us because of this prayer day and tthanksgiving programme we hold yearly. We are enjoying peace and security like never before,  rapid development,  appointments from government for our children, businesses are booming, people say you have to emulate good things, so my advice is, set up a prayer day so that God can also answer your prayers and visit your land for good.”


Apostle David Igho Richard, Chairman Central Working Committee, said that the Ughelli Day Of Prayers and Thanksgiving is the will of God for the land. ” Just as the theme of this year’s event, ‘Ebenezer’ God has helped us. There were challenges at the beginning, even to the mid part of the programme but God came and proved himself. “Any land where God is in charge, where God is ruling progresses. This prayer day is suppressing and taking away a lot of evil, negative things. If there is crisis in the land, The Churches, banks and businesses will not open. Take a look at Warri, over the years instead of coming together like this to glorify God and love and respect one another they embraced crisis and eventually everything left Warri and we don’t want that to happen here .



“We encourage and plead with every indigene and non indigene, sons and daughters who reside here, those who live outside Ughelli but have their businesses here to be part of this programme. We are in a land where the king is saying come let’ us praise the living God, not let us go to the shrine and serve the devil, if there are still people withdrawing from this programme by this twelfth year, I think they lack understanding. But we hope that from now they will understand that what we are doing is for God, for the progress of the land, businesses, people and things will go on well to the glory of God. ”



Country Representative of Esobito Halawani Foundation,  Ekpefe Elohor Vanessa said that the Ughelli prayer day can be bigger and better  than what it is now if all hands are on deck. ” Our mission is to work together with communities on area of interests so the Ughelli Day Of Prayers means a lot to us, it speaks of liberation, good things coming to the kingdom. Esobito Halawani Foundation made a promise to the people of Ughelli to always supply water and biscuits to the children and the old women on the day of the prayer and we have kept this promise by the grace of God over the years. We pray that other organisations seize this opportunity to give back to the kingdom what the kingdom has given them.”



Managing Director of God’s Own Hotel/Suite and Bakery, Deaconess Mrs. Ruth Good Friday while fielding questions from newsmen said the Ughelli Day Of Prayer has gotten better every year with blessings attached.  ” I want to say that this programme has been of great blessing to us . We support by providing food, drinks and  water. I noticed that since we started we have never known a better yesterday. It has only been getting good every year and my advice to other business owners in this land, see your financial donations as seed, sow into this programme and you will never regret it. Your business will grow higher, you too will increase on every side.”



Desmond Okpako Duke, Secretary of Prince Oghenerukevwe Okifo Foundation (POOF), applauded  HRM Evang. (Dr.) Wilson Ojakovo Oharisi III, for the vision of Ughelli Day Of Prayer. ” What HRM has been doing every year for the past twelve years Is a very good thing. We deemed it fit to support Ughelli Day Of Prayers,this year, with water, different types of snacks, gifts bag presented to all the Reverend present. We are here to felicitate with HRM,to assist to make the twelfth edition a very unique one. The same way we have been supporting Ogor and Ejakota.”

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