You Have Failed, Resign, NILOWV Tells Buhari




Following the attack on Kuje Maximum Prison, the League of Women Voters of Nigeria, NILOWV, has called President Muhammadu Buhari to resign and return the country to Nigerians.


The body, in a statement by its President/Founder, Dame Dr Esther Uduehi, said: “We have watched with dismay and utter disgust the gradual and total collapse of almost every fabric of governance in Nigeria.


“The climax being the unrestricted full attack and subduing of Kuje Maximum Prison where the operation was carried out without interception, as well as
the audacious attack and shooting of the Presidential Convoy all coming so soon after the the Kaduna Abuja Train attack, killings and kidnapping, coupled with the slaughter of the worshipers in Owo together with the numerous kidnappings and killings of Priests and innocent Nigerians.


“All point to a break down of governance or government compliance. It is inconceivable that not only was there no resistance by government security apparatus, or perhaps government intelligence were ‘also blindfolded.


“It is even more alarming that in the midst of all these our President finds fun in globe trotting for flimsiest reasons. The Nigerian Naira has become a joke and useless in the world market while Fuel and Gas are beyond the reach of ordinary Nigerians, sky rocketing the cost of living.


“Students have been at home and many have forgotten what School is all about. Yet Buhari and his Government find it convenient to dish out lies as if nothing has happened for Nigerians to worry about.


“Nigerians have had nothing cheering since this administration. Nigerians are sick and tired of sleeping with one eye open with no hope of a better tomorrow from this Government and it is obvious that the Government has collapsed and has nothing other than Pain and sorrow to offer Nigerians.


“We therefore call on Buhari and his Government to Resign and Return our Nation to us instead of swearing in New Ministers.


“He should hand over to the Civil Servants with the Mandate to Conduct the Elections within the Next Six Months as we are sure that this Government is incapable of Conducting any Meaningful Election. We are sure that our Call is guided by the Principle of Reality and the Need to keep Nigerians in one piece before the Elections.”

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist

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