Chairman Of Esobito Group,Esobito-Ineh Endorse Umukoro For Councillor



Chairman of Esobito Group, Global Urhobo Visionary Leader, Olorogun Onoriode Esobito-Ineh has endorsed Comrade Happy Igho Umukoro ‘s councillor candidature.


In a press statement made available on Facebook Olorogun Onoriode Esobito-Ineh, The Obuko R’Ovie of Ughelli kingdom and Chairman of the Esobito Group(Esobito Halawani Foundation and ESOBEAT Records and Films) described Happy Igho Umukoro as Intelligent, honest, dutiful and result-driven, an ideal candidate for a councillor.

The statement reads “Endorsement  of  my candidature  for the  upcoming  Ughelli North Council  polls  2021. In the last few weeks, I have observed very keenly, political activities in Ughelli North Local Government Area as it pertains to the forthcoming Council elections slated for March 6th, 2021. As an active indigene of the above area, I feel the distance we share is not an excuse for not participating in the electoral process.


“Having considered COMRADE HAPPY IGHO UMUKORO manifesto, it’s with huge sense of responsibility that I declare my total support for; COMRADE HAPPY IGHO UMUKORO. Elect as Councillor, DSIEC Ward 14, Ughelli North.

“Intelligent, honest, dutiful and result-driven, an ideal candidate for the Councillor-ship position of Ward 14. Happy Igho Umukoro leaves no stone unturned in delivering an assigned task effectively and efficiently.


“His honest and practical approach to life sets him miles apart from other candidates. He is running because he cannot sit back and watch the continued deteriorating welfare of his people. I strongly believe if, given the opportunity to serve, he will perform beyond all expectations.


“I wish all contestants in the upcoming statewide local government elections a happy and peaceful campaign season. Let us be mindful that democracy can only thrive in a healthy environment where there is respect for diverse opinions.Opposition ideas should not be personalised to the detriment of peace and unity.”


Responding Comrade Happy Igho Umukoro said “What more can I say than to say a very big thank you my Digital Olorogun Leader for this honour and confident.
Truly, I’m most honored and humbled by these attributes. I won’t betray the trust and confident of my constitutents and Communities. Migwo Sir.”

Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist

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