March Guber Election: This is Our Last Battle to Emancipate Deltans– Ogboru 

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The Delta State Governorship Candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru has declared that the March 11th Governorship election will be his last battle for Deltans’ freedom, saying that now is the appointed time for Deltans to get a new life in line with the Jubilee agenda.


Addressing a mamouth crowd during the APGA Delta Central Campaign Rally, held at Ughelli Township stadium, Chief Ogboru declared that the process of him becoming the next governor of Delta has just began, adding that no one can battle with God in this election.


Ogboru who was greeted with market women, youths and elders along Ughelli market on his way to the rally ground said; “No one can battle with God. First I thank you very much for the show of solidarity today. It is always a pleasure to be with you. I am eternally grateful for your show of support and solidarity for these years. You have been tireless, you have been unshakable, you have been standing firm for justice, truth and standing firm for Delta state.”


“There is a time for everything and I believe that this is the said time for us to do what God has sent us to do for the people of Delta state which is to emancipate our people and to give them the new life more abundantly”.


“There was a life before but I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly,  that is the purpose of the Jubileee Agenda from the health sector to education, agriculture, empowerment of the youth, food security, human capital development, infrastructural development, to the environment and our urban water regeneration and investment in the comparative areas. equal opportunity development which will give equal opportunities to local government areas to develop our local government by ourselves.


Ogboru noted; “The jubilee agenda is a real agenda and by the time we finish the jubilee agenda Delta state will not be this same again; and all of us will stop to think the way we use to because we want to also transform the minds of Deltans,  to make them begin to see things a new and in a new perspective and freedom of all kinds.”


“Delta state has been bound by invisible chains but the jubilee agenda that we are bringing will break that invisible chains. God will help us because the problems of this state too big;therefore we are going to government house with God to break those chains so that Deltans will begin to think straight again.”


He noted that; “We are called for a purpose to do a new thing for Delta state, so I am calling all Deltans because this is our last battle. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder, eyeball to eyeball looking at the oppositions and telling them that never shall disaster come up on Delta state,  never gain shall we accept injustice and underdevelopment as a way of life because God created us and put us here is not a fool; and God who put resources here is not a fool”.


“Therefore, that which God has given to us, we must use it for the betterment of our children and the generation yet unborn.  That is why we have come today tell you that there is hope and that the change that Deltans are looking for has come . This is change speaking to you. Thank very much for your patience, perseverance,  prayers, tears and all your sacrifices,  may God continue to bless Delta state.  Going forward, let us look with firm believe that; ‘it is done because it is God that has prepare the table before us in the presence of out enemies and we give him they Glory.”


Therefore, as you return to your homes,  tell them that you saw Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru,  that your heard from him and that you have seen that change is in action , that come Saturday the 25th of February, we are going to elect Peters  Omaruaye, George Timinimi as our senator and all our House of Representative candidates.But tell them that on the 11th of march is for our Governor, Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru and all our house of assembly candidates and the symbol to thumb print is the APGA symbol of the Cock.”


Earlier,  the APGA State Chairman, Afam Enemokwu,  who Spoke at the rally said noted that with the mammoth crowd he has seen at in Ughelli for Great Ogboru shows that he is love by Deltans, adding that APGA has come to take over the government of Delta state.


He said; “before the coming of Ogboru, APGA has been moving in the wilderness in Delta state like sheep without a shepherd, but God has provided a shepherd for APGA in Delta state and this time around is the time the Lord has made. I appreciate Chief Great Ogboru for bringing value to APGA and APGA is grateful”.


“As the election commences next Saturday,  make sure you vote only APGA candidates, once you see the symbol of APGA please thumb print only APGA logo so that we not loose any vote. This election is not going to be business as usual because BVAS is a nightmare to election riggers.”


Others who spoke, APGA Delta Central Senatorial Candidate, Peter’s Omaruaye, Delta South Senatorial candidate,  Hon. George Timinimi represented by Silas Buowei and Madam Oyibu, said what God has done with the provision of the new electoral act, valid votes will now count because Great Ovedje Ogboru has own elections in Delta state so many times but has always been rigged out, noting that this time no more rigging and Ogboru will be the new governor of Delta state.

Omamuzo Efidhere

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