Ughelli Day Of Prayers: Without God I Wouldn’t Have Survived Hip Replacement Surgery-Oharisi III



……better days ahead for Ughelli Kingdom- Enakirerhi


The Ovie of Ughelli Kingdom, HRM Evang. (Dr.) Wilson Ojakovo Oharisi III has charged descendants and residents of the kingdom to repent and give their lives to Christ, expressing optimism that their trials shall be turned to testimonies if they genuinely turn to God spirit, soul body and serve him with all their heart, time, energy and finance.


Oharisi III gave this charge recently during the 10th edition of Ughelli Day of Prayers and Thanksgiving, with the theme ‘Lord Have Mercy On Us’ held on Saturday and Sunday at the township stadium and Royal Palace Church, Ovie palace Otovwodo respectively. According to him, “with God all things are possible some of you heard what people were saying about my life last year, the left and right hip joint were really bad and everyone thought that I would not survive but I took it to God in prayers. I asked God to remove me from the pains through prayers or medically and truly speaking when I got to the hospital the hips replacement surgery was carried out successfully.

“No man is perfect but if God’s hand is in anything that thing will survive. If not for the grace of God I wouldn’t have survived that left and right hip replacement surgery because some people go to replace one hip and they do not survive while others are now disabled because they tried to do hip replacement surgery. God is faithful and his mercies endureth forever so for those of you who are yet to give your life to Christ do so now and I assure you that every mountain before you shall be made as plain all your problem shall be solved by the finger of God.” He said


In his address earlier, President of Ughelli Day of Prayers and Thanksgiving, Bishop (Dr.) Kingsley Enakirerhi speaking on the theme of the 10th edition ‘Lord Have Mercy On Us’ said that “we are crying for mercy most especially for our economy (the Ughelli market) and all the issues surrounding it and how we have treated the issue with kid gloves and loss of lives that were avoidable, we say that we are sorry that we could have done better. Let us be our brother’s keeper In this trying times we want peace, security, progress, development, spiritual growth and upliftment.


“The message that everyone should take home from this 10th edition of Ughelli prayers and thanksgiving is better days ahead for the descendants and residents of the kingdom. God will do more great things but you need to repent from your sins and surrender to God, when God is involved there is always supernatural change of position. HRM Evang. (Dr.) Wilson Ojakovo Oharisi III has handed the kingdom to God he has decided to serve God but many are watching and waiting to see him fail but he is forging ahead and God will continue to bless him .When God is involved no matter the opposition you shall succeed.”

Country Manager of Esobito Halawani Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization Precious Igho Otabomwovo stated that they were partnering with Ughelli Day of Prayers and Thanksgiving because of common interest. “We are here today to join our faith with the king and indeed the people of Ughelli Kingdom to thank God for all he has done, what he is doing and what he will do. The prayers keep us going so we cannot play down any opportunity to give back to the community. We have testimonies for being part of this prayers and thanksgiving yearly. Thanksgiving necessitate presenting something that is why we have been providing light refreshment these past editions.


“We are calling on good Spirited Individuals, NGO’s, Organization, Civil Societies to join the king in organizing program like this, program that will lead to the growth and development of Ughelli kingdom. To the youths, shun every form of criminal, negative acts, look inward and find how to develop yourself so that you can be useful to the society, family and yourself. If you are not useful to the society and family then your existence is questionable and the only way you can assert your usefulness is by developing yourself so that people will see that you have the capacity to give value and when they see that, definitely you will be incorporated into the scheme of things.”


Fielding questions from newsmen, Evangelist Friday Ukiure, Director Gods Own Hotel and Suites, providers of free food for the Saturday event each year said that it is a good thing for every child of God who knows that he is a child of God to identify with Ughelli Day of Prayers and Thanksgiving, “we decided as a company to support the vision of the king because it is a rightful decision to pray yearly to God for our land to be healed of any injury caused by past or present sins. This land is a land that has been blessed and since we started praying, God has shown himself great, faithful and strong in every area of our lives, peace has come to stay and that is why we will continue to pray.


“When people say that they are not seeing anything good from the yearly prayer I do not know what they want to see but to me and my subordinate God has been so faithful to us, our family and business. Other communities around us have also started praying for their land. What is it that man actually need from God? Being alive is a miracle you who is alive, do you know how many people COVID-19 have stopped? But today we are still alive and our businesses still going on this is the good work of the Lord. I pray for my king that God will continue to strengthen him. “He said

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