Understanding Situational Leadership Model As A Tool In Solving Short, Longterm Social- Economic Problems

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If policy makers, government functionaries and leaders understand and properly practice situational leadership model, Nigeria’s short and long-term Social- Economic Problems would be solved within a short cycle.

The Big Question is, Why Situational Leadership Model? The fast changing times we all are experiencing, whereby there is Plethora in technology, decline in natural resources, insecurity, unemployment, increase in population, housing deficit, poor health care system and trust gap amongst others, in our present society— there is need for leaders to have a tremendous rethink and reset the button to Situational leadership Model, since “it is composed of adaptation, directive and supportive dimensions” to meet the changing needs of the times and people, which would enable us as a country in achieving short and long-term social-economic sustainability.


“The premise of this model is focused on Leadership in Situations” which is applicable to problem solving, driving short and longterm economic plans and it also expresses that different situations demand different kinds of Leadership and for a Leader to be effective in this context, he or she must evaluate situations properly so as to know the best approach to deal with the situation and “must match his or her style to the demands of the existing situations” he or she is faced with, without any form of compromise at the given time.

Mr Ufuoma Ubiebor, a Management Consultant, writes from Delta Stateā€¦


Omamuzo Efidhere

Omamuzo Efidhere is a registered member of the Nigerian Union of Journalist


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