Your Offsprings Will Reap From Your Good Deeds In Decades, Ohwotuemuho Tells Obiogho

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By Sunday Apah



The presiding Bishop of The Light of the World Mission church, Bishop Harrison Obiogho, has been described as a man with examplary trait of Jesus Christ, as his works centered only on doing good for the people and everywhere he goes.


Rev. Dr. Abraham Ohwotuemuho made this known in his sermon during the special service for the celebration of Bishop Harrison Obiogho’s 23 years in the ministry, 5 years elevation to Bishop and glorious birthday celebration.


In his sermon titled ‘The Faithfulness of God’, said it would be centered on ‘Long Life’ which is the desire of every human being on earth, adding that when you praise God he will do more for you.


With bible inscriptions from the books of Psalm 69:30, Jeremiah 30:19, Psalm 150:6 and Matthew 25:29, Ohwotuemuho said Bishop Obiogho’s thanksgiving to God will increase him more.


According to him, ‘in the bible Jesus Christ went about doing good, today Bishop Harrison Obiogho is doing same. I am saying so because when I was in Agbassa piloting the affairs of a church, he came and change the pulpit to a modern one. He repeated it when I was moved to Agbarho.


“He has sown seed in places that his offsprings will reap from in many decades to come. That is why my sermon today would be centered on long life”.


He told the congregation that the faithfulness of God will keep them from evil as God’s faithfulness endures and extends from generation to generation. “God has shown Bishop Obiogho His faithfulness, what you have seen in him is just a tip of an iceberg of what he will see in future.


“When I started as a clergy in Kiagbodo town, my prayer point then was for God to raise great men of God in Oviri-Olomu community. Today that prayer has been answered with the elevation of Bishop Harrison Obiogho as a bishop five years ago.


“God’s faithfulness is reciprocal, when you are faithful to him, he will show you faithfulness. Many persons were consecrated as bishops five years ago – some have lost their relevance, some of them, their churches have closed and some are even dead but here is Bishop Harrison Obiogho waxing stronger in all ramifications”, he said.


Ohwotuemuho described Obiogho as a humble, diligent, intelligent and wisdom personified with God being faithful to him.


Earlier, Bishop Harrison Obiogho, said the day was special and significant to him because of the triple celebration.


He noted that it had been his style of celebrating his birthday with aged and old people but this year would be different as he decided to buy musical instruments worth millions of naira for the church.

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